Photo Essay: Spring Fling In Maine

Whether it’s war or Mother Nature, the same adage holds true: the best laid plans …….

Here are some photos of the first day of Spring in Maine.  When I was at the airport car rental desk yesterday, I upgraded to a four-wheel drive vehicle at the last moment.  Serendipity?  We are expecting more snow Wednesday into Thursday, so I will have additional beautiful vistas for you.  Meanwhile, I am loving the frost heaves and hope you enjoy the scenery.

Heavy with Spring snow.

The road gladly taken.

It's still uphill toward Spring.



Not Springlike, but nevertheless majestic.

Soon. Soon.

The Spring rite to monkey around is palpable.



The Blue Hill Library: a permanent haven in all seasons.

In the early Spring in Maine, heavy vehicles are prohibited from many roads, due to their softness created by the melting of the winter snows.  Hey wait: first let’s get rid of the snow!

She ain't heavy, she's Yo Mama.

No where are there better roadside sentiments than in Maine.


Spring means renewal, and this post is dedicated to the Grandest Bunny on earth, with heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with much more.


2 Responses to “Photo Essay: Spring Fling In Maine”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    I hate snow! and too bad Maine elected two Republican Senators and a rancid tea baggie Republican governor a clone of NJ Chris Christie who is doing a hatchet job as most Republicans are on those who can least afford it by handing HUGE tax cuts to the rich and taxing too the Middle Class, elderly and poor.

    Nice. I used to love Maine … now I don’t! But I will admit to its beauty.

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