Gotta Wonder: Japan and Libya

Ya’ gotta wonder.  Who the hell is running the world?

In Japan, U.S. ships laden with FRESH water,  are on their way to the crippled nuclear plants.  Up until now, the reactors have been doused with sea water in the hopes of cooling them down and preventing a meltdown.  However, sea water is corrosive and may be responsible for making a bad situation even worse.  Thus, the order for the fresh water.

Didn’t the scientists and power companies think of this little snag before the disaster?  Everyone and their mother knows that salt is corrosive.  In the event of a major catastrophe (which Japan had), did these geniuses even contemplate that tons and tons of fresh water might be necessary to have on hand?  How about making sure that there were huge water tanks/towers on site just in case?  Every rooftop in New York City has water tanks to ensure that their tenants’ water pressure is worthy of their ritzy addresses.  Yet the nuclear scientists could not figure out that in a hot nuclear situation, in a scenario that could threaten the safety of millions of people and harm hundreds of square miles with toxic environmental consequences, fresh water might be a better answer than sea water.  Gotta wonder.

Also at the Japanese nuclear plant, three workers were seriously harmed after wading into the pools surrounding the radioactive rods.  After the fact, the Japanese measured the level of radiation in those pools to be 10,000 above the levels of safety.  Did it ever occur to these aces of nuclear power knowledge that perhaps they should have measured the toxicity BEFORE the dedicated workers waded into the mire?  Talk about taking advantage of altruists, loyal workers and citizens who want to help out their country.  Gotta wonder.

Back on the Libyan front, the Gaddafi regime announced that 100 civilians have been killed by the coalition bombings.  This is entirely possible.  No doubt.  However, right before the bombing commenced, anti-Gaddafi officials said that the regime had been indiscriminately killing people and storing the bodies, so that they could unveil the dead people after the bombings and declare that the coalition forces had killed all of those civilians.  Sick, but also entirely possible.  Gotta wonder.

Just who are these expert people making major decisions for our planet?


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