Progress: One Person at a Time

What with the Arab world on fire in a struggle for freedom, Japan facing the devastation that Mother Nature wrought and followed by a nuclear meltdown,  our own government in a tug of war over budgetary issues that could shut down the whole show, our long-fought efforts for labor strides at risk of being the scapegoat for the benefit of big business and even bigger government, I just do not want to wake up each morning.  But wake up and greet the world I will, and seek out that ray of sunshine wherever I can.

And to those media outlets and other sellers and lovers of the negative, leave me alone!  Just because some current events are true does not mean that you have to throw the bad news in my face every hour of every day.  Jeez: find a friend, a cause in your own back yard and try to affect change in a small, yet significant way.  Without the drive to better our world, despite the bad news, why bother at all with this life?

I have a friend, a talented twenty-something, trying her darndest to fulfill her career ambitions in the performing arts.  She is multi-talented and has been forging ahead on the New York entertainment scene ever since she graduated from college.  She is a devoted patron and participant of the arts, which makes all of our lives better and worth living.  For my regular readers, you know how I feel about the arts, which is that they are a vital part of our human experience.  Catastrophes, tragedies, natural disasters, political scams and other malevolent events will always be with us.  The arts, however, will sustain our culture and brighten up all of our days.

Additionally, I am drawn to support people who are engaged in pursuing their life-long goals and dreams.  And to make a financial go of it in the arts ain’t easy.  It is so rewarding to help out a young person on the cusp of professional fulfillment; it is a double blessing because not only are we furthering the role of arts, but also we are assisting one human being in reaching the stars.  One baby step at a time, one person given our attention, one mission accomplished.  Ya’ know —- that whole “one step for man, one giant leap for mankind” philosophy.

So please have a look at Molly’s links, and then do what you can.  Sometimes the biggest effect we can have in this crazy world of ours is the smallest project.  Then the benefits of our tunnel vision grow and come to have even global rewards.  Even though we must acknowledge the heartbreak on our planet every day, made worse by the fact that we cannot exert any real change, it is worth while to help one person at a time to reach her stars.  Let’s start here and now.  Give this gifted and accomplished artist a leg up.  Thanks so much.

Here’s Ms. Molly herself.  You may recognize her because I have frequently linked her site, “New Kid on Tha Blog”, to this website.  As if she wasn’t talented enough, her blog is a riot, is a window into the lives of the younger generation and decisively expands an aging Mama’s understanding of the modern world.

Dig deep, my friends.  We might not be able to exert control over the mayhem that nature can conjure up, over the bastards who built all of our nuclear reactors, over the repressive regimes trying to deny their people freedom and even over our own American leaders who try incessantly to pull the wool over our eyes.  What we can aid and abet are the dreams, wishes and hopes of one young person seeking to make something of herself and add to the goodness in our world.


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4 Responses to “Progress: One Person at a Time”

  1. NatalieR. Says:

    Molly seems like a DOLL!! What a great young woman and her friend doing the project is the same. I will try to give what I can. If I had the ability I would cough up the total amount they need. What the hell is two grand by today’s insane standards.

    Did I say something lookist like she is GORGEOUS?!! Her blue eyes and dark hair reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor. She is that stunning. What a nice woman. I will see what I can afford.

  2. NatalieR. Says:

    YoMamma says

    Pointing out the negative does serve a function sometimes spurring people on to positive action. Too many in this country believe the pablum they are fed. Without people out there to state the truth it goes on from generation to generation perpetually.

    Some of us who point out the negative also take positive action where possible to solve those seemingly intractable problems.
    Drawing attention to problems and solving the problems are two sides of a coin.

  3. NatalieR. Says:

    Yo Mamma did not say that. post was cut in the beginning which quoted what you did say.

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