Update: The Eagle’s Nest

Here’s an update on our nesting eagles, Mich and O.  It has been a harrowing week for them.  There was some antagonistic intervention by some local workers of the human type, O was in some kind of dust-up with another eagle, Mich was missing for a day or two and a nor’easter  blew through yesterday leaving heavy snow.

The egg was laid on March 24th and has an incubation period of 35 to 38 days.  Only time will tell.  The consensus of the viewers is that the egg is no longer viable.  Perhaps it was damaged during the attack (click for video) on the nest yesterday.  But even before the attack, Mich was not the greatest brooder, often absent from her nest.  Maybe she is still young and her nesting habits need some maturation.  However, O really did his job yesterday: he sat on that nest all day, despite the weather and assaults from various life forms.  Thus, even though Mich just returned to the nest during the last minute here, she is not incubating her egg because she realizes it will not make it.  Yet I am glad she is back, safe and sound.


Here’s hoping for the best.  Interesting:  Mich and O have had just as a tumultuous week in their habitat as we humans have had in our’s.  They are subject to the uncertainty principle just as we are.

One last thought: perhaps these webcams are not as beneficial as originally thought.  Although not meant to be invasive, the mere act of the camera being there draws people to the sight and has a negative impact on the nesting birds.  I think we should go back to hikes and binoculars.  That said, there still would be no solution to protecting these birds from their enemies within the ranks of their own species.  Sound familiar?

There is another webcam in Decorah, Iowa.  The chicks have hatched.  Watch:



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