Tying Up Loose Ends

I need to revisit a few topics of recent interest.  But first, let me share with you a revelation I have had.  Many of you will consider my following comments as overly simplistic, rather obvious or just dead wrong.  Nevertheless, my interpretation of the GOP’s continued hemming and hawing, their political paralysis, is that it is not a carefully planned strategy.  Rather, it is exactly as it appears: their inertia, their do-nothingness, is a result of their stupidity, laziness, fear and lack of commitment to a cause larger than their own selves.

Some pundits have complemented the Republican presidential hopefuls for not yet declaring their intentions.  No wise or expert political game playing there.  These possible candidates are hesitant to announce a run because they do not want to run against President Obama.  It is a losing proposition.  As much as they profess their loyalty to their party, not a one of them is willing to put his career on the line for their party.

Secondly, as the 2012 campaign heats up, there will be talk and criticism about the lack of change that the President has brought to fruition during his first term.  Answer me this: if President Obama has been such a failure in instituting change, why is the GOP so enraged?  The answer is simple.  Our President HAS enacted significant change.  It is just not the change that the GOP would prefer.  If their single-mindedness in ousting the President from power is such a driving force, and it really is, they must be mad as hell at all the legislation that has been passed during Obama’s tenure.  Actions speak louder than words.

Thirdly, the budget impasse in Congress is quite the “kettle calling the pot black” syndrome.  Imagine: the Republicans have the gall to call President Obama not in control of his own party when the handful of blue-dog Democrats did not vote with their President on aspects of health care reform and the other major pieces of legislation that has passed during the last two years.  Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Part of the GOP’s major problem right now is dealing with their own renegades, namely the Tea Party freshman class.  Maybe the Republicans are just posturing by threatening to shut down the government.  Maybe John Boehner really does understand that the deep cuts the GOP is proposing cannot realistically be enacted in one fell swoop without damaging the nation and that shutting down the government will actually be a very foolish and expensive proposition.  Kind of negates the entire argument for spending cuts in the first place.  However, we already knew that Boehner and his GOP cohorts were not the brightest stars in the sky.

Face it: the Republicans got nothin’; not a viable candidate, not a platform, and not a cohesive majority in the House. Thus, they might very well back a Palin run for the Presidency.  After all, she is hungry and stupid enough to challenge Barack Obama, plus the GOP would be perfectly willing to send her to the slaughter instead of one of themselves.

Back to my agenda.  Regarding the Maine labor mural whose enlightened Governor LePage had removed because of its slant towards the pro-labor factions, this issue just might be coming to an end.  The federal government, through a grant, actually paid for those panels.  They have issued LePage an ultimatum to either put the mural back up at the Department of Labor or cough up its cost to reimburse the federal government.  Who do you think is going to win this one?  Additionally, LePage’s own Republican state senators have rebuked him because harping on this controversy has detrimentally impacted the focus on more important issues that face the state.  Gotta love it.

When I had a change of political heart after my fall, a transformation that was much more painful than my physical ailments, I had some crass comments about the GOP’s derogatory attitude to members of the Muslim religion.  I found a fantastic article that says it better than I ever could —- once I came back to my senses.

On the passing of Geraldine Ferraro, I think a few more words are warranted.  She was a feisty New Yorker, as down to earth as one could imagine, yet also a woman of vision.  Rather than read my tribute, have a look at this New York Times Op-Ed titled “Why Gerry Ferraro Mattered.” After you read this article, you will agree that at the heart of things, Ferraro was a decent human being. Matter she did.

Finally, I am tickled pink that Virginia’s former governor Tim Kaine has declared that he will be running for Jim Webb’s Senate seat.  For the last two years, Kaine has been the head of the Democratic National Committee.  Obviously, each and every Senate seat is very important for maintaining the Democratic majority.  Kaine’s President requested that he run, and so he obliged.  Kaine is an effective, smart leader and I am thrilled by his intentions.  There is a high probability that his Republican opponent will be George Allen (remember Macaca?), now rehabilitated and redeemed from his past bigotry.  I think Kaine has a good chance of beating Allen.  Additionally, Kaine’s candidacy can only help to turn Virginia in the 2012 presidential election from purple to true blue.  I admire his loyalty to his President and his party.  Quite a far cry from the chicken-hearted Republicans who refuse to declare their presidential ambitions.

Mazel tov to Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) on being chosen at the new chair of the DNC.  She plans on keeping her place as the representative from Florida’s 20th congressional district, which she has held since 1994.  Excellent choice.  She is well-spoken, loyal to her party and intelligent.  Debbie W-S was a big supporter of Hillary Clinton in the 2010 presidential primary, but as soon as Barack Obama nailed the nomination, she went public the very next day and voiced her strong support of the Democratic nominee.  My son thinks that she will be Speaker of the House in fifteen years.  I believe she will be President one day.

So much for tying up loose ends.  The only thing final about taking care of old business is the certainty that there will be a whole lot of new business to take its place.  Thus, loose ends are here to stay.

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  1. amy lilley Says:

    I agree w/ your son AND yomama about Debbie Wasserman Schultz!!

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