I Am A Special Interest

Seven hours and counting before we are faced with a possible government shutdown.  My blood is boiling —- not over our need to severely cut our abusive spending practices, but over the injustice, inequality and petty politicking involved in this debate.  And yes, the trifecta of entitlements, Medicaid, Medicare and social security must be part of the cutting process.

On one hand, the expectation that furloughed federal workers should get paid for the time they might be laid off is ridiculous.  In a country such as ours where we are reeling from accumulated debt, why would we pay workers for NOT working?  Federal layoffs are an occupational hazard.  All of us, in whatever career paths we have chosen, face occupational hazards.  Live with it.  When President Reagan’s funeral was held in D.C., federal workers were given the day off, mostly due to traffic and other logistical problems.  Reasonable.  But the decision to pay them was absurd.  No work, no pay.

On the other hand, workers who actually continue to work during shutdowns should get paid.  Why then, does this  discrepancy exist: Congressmen will get paid, but our troops, after about a week, will not?  Such magnificent lip service is given to our troops because they put their lives on the line every day.  What a crock of garbage.  How can our Congressmen allot paychecks to themselves while they withhold our soldiers’ wages?  Actions speak louder than words.

The issue that infuriates me the most is the GOP’s intention to hold budgetary matters hostage to social ideology.  The Democrats and the Republicans have already agreed to the historic $38 billion in cuts to the budget.  Even though agreements were reached a few times before today, the GOP would then go back to the table and renege, raising the bar even higher.  Their overall goal is NOT to cut spending.  Rather, it is to obstruct any progress for this administration specifically, and any solutions for our country generally.

Finally, the debate has come down to this: the GOP will agree to current negotiation if abortions for low-income women in D.C. are banned and if all funding is withdrawn from Planned Parenthood.  What the hell do these social issues have to do with balancing a budget?  Absolutely nothing.  The GOP is holding hostage my health and reproductive rights to their culture wars.  This time I am livid.  I beg my President not to fall for such base tactics.  This time, I refuse to be the sacrificial lamb for political compromise.

Plus, and correct me if I am wrong, abortion was declared legal by the Supreme Court decades ago.  Why has that right for poor women been denied?  A law is a law and should apply across all socioeconomic classes.  If abortion was deemed legal, why is it not available to those on government assistance?  Is there a separate set of laws for the rich and another for the poor?  It sure looks that way.  Moreover, to come down on the District of Columbia, the only area in the country that pays its fair share of taxes yet has no full representation in Congress, is a pathetic move by the GOP.  They are going after the “weakest sister.”  What does their attempt to slam D.C., which is considered just another federal agency in the budget wars, a constituency that is totally loyal to the Democratic party (that’s your answer) and has no power in our halls of federal government, say about the state of the GOP’s real power?  Not much.  To attack the weakest link is pathetic.  Take the time to watch this video of D.C. Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, in all of her reasonable outrage, over this inequitable situation:


For those women who are past their reproductive years and are more willing to, for the sake of compromise and avoiding a government shutdown, give up these important gender and health care rights, I say “Shame on you.”  If they cannot see beyond their own existence, if they choose to ignore the rights of their younger sisters, I warn them to hold on to their hats.  The larger principles need to be considered because sooner or later, the revocation of personal rights based on gender is going to come around and bite them right in their own blessed asses.  Their readiness to surrender their rights simply because they have no more use for personal reproductive issues is just as self-serving as the GOP’s blasting of social programs for those in need.  Be careful: what goes around, comes around.

I urge Mr. Boehner to quit the charade of pretending that this budget battle is about spending, as he so states.  The fiscal items have been agreed upon already.  It is the same old social issues for which the GOP is holding out, stomping on abortion rights and equality  for those with less money and clout.  Stop the spin and lies. The intentional confusion between equal rights for women and budgetary issues is totally transparent.

To my President Obama, I beg of you not to sell out the rights of women for an agreement on the budget impasse.  This time, I may have to hold that against you.  If you choose to offer up your own personal rights to effect a budget agreement, please feel free to do so.  However, DO NOT use MY gender rights and those of all American women for political gain.  Do not sell me down the road for the supposedly more important special interests and political gain.  I AM a special interest, very near and dear to my own heart.

Seven hours left.  The powers that be may cause a government shutdown.  That is their prerogative.   What is not their privilege is to sanction the denial of my rights, guaranteed by the same Constitution that rules all Americans, regardless of class, gender, race, and religion.  I can “out GOP” the GOP any day of the week.

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3 Responses to “I Am A Special Interest”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    yomama, I see that your head is just fine from the fall..this is an excellent post…like a bell which cannot be un-rung…this is all such a big mess…you make it much easier for us ‘lay people’ to grasp the madness….thank you’s are in order….

  2. NatalieR Says:

    I have been pro choice all of my life. The truest statement Yomama made is that abortion is LEGAL…get it LEGAL that means the state cannot prohibit it. Our whole economy is being held hostage by these rancid swine Republicans why? Because they hate abortion so much? RUBBISH. Today its abortion tomorrow its the EPA. They will use ANYTHING to get at the president to make him look bad when the economy tanks near the 2012 election. Their goal is usurpation of all three tiers of government.

    It may happen if these unpatriotic nincompoop IDIOTS get their way. It just may backfire on them as the tea baggies do NOT represent the majority of this country. They may find their arses kicked from here to kingdom come when up for election. It should only happen!

    There is one reason and one reason only for the budget intractability. These baggies hate Obama and they many of them hate him for one reason and we know what that is. They cannot stomach a black man entering the oh so white house. They are transparent. The signs they carried told the story.

    The fixing of the budget is simple and has been put forward by Erskine Bowels and Alan Simpson and it does NOT have to be dealt with on the backs of the middle class or the poor. It’s easy to figure out and keep Medicare, Social Security and even Medicaid solvent.

    Quoting from a relative who is in the know and a Harvard Wharton Business School grad: “Despite bogus claims, it’s [Social Security] not going bankrupt. When properly administered, it’s sound and secure, needing only modest adjustments at times to assure it. That’s omitted from hyped scare tactics to convince future recipients to make unjustifiable sacrifices.”

    In his blog on the entitlement cuts it is his last paragraph I love the most: “[the entitlements are] on the chopping block for elimination because Republicans are Hooverites, Democrats aren’t New Dealers, and Obama’s no FDR. Combined, they let Wall Street loot the treasury, reward other corporate favorites generously, ignore vital people needs, do little to create jobs or help homeowners facing foreclosure, spurn budget-strapped states, and spend around $1.5 trillion annually on unbridled militarism and imperial wars at a time Washington has no enemies. No wonder America’s on a fast track to tyranny and ruin, no longer a fit place to live in.”

    Fixing our deficit is easy: 1. Let the tax cuts for the top 2% be repealed; 2. raise taxes for those making over $250,000; 3. GET OUT OF UNBRIDLED WAR WITHOUT END 4. Cut the military down to a postage stamp and get out gd noses OUT of other sovereign state’s business most especially in the Middle East. We are fighting now THREE and maybe FOUR wars if one counts Pakistan. How many more? How about a draft?

    The “terrorists” do NOT hate us for our freedoms. They hate us for our meddling and they fear the west’s annihilation by a Christian crusade. The fixing of our problem is easy BUT when you live in a nearly fascistic state where the corporations are king and considered people this is what you get — a fragmented, utterly divided, disgusting country on the brink of collapse!

  3. NatalieR Says:

    So now we have an agreement! Woopeee! Tea baggier ideologies have GOT TO GO. 2012 I cannot wait. This budget cut will do NOTHING to garner jobs and it’s a drop in the bucket of the deficit. The country needs spending to make spending and create jobs. This takes jobs away. The deficit is EASY to get down 1. Let the tax cuts for the top 2% be repealed; 2. raise taxes for those making over $250,000; 3. GET OUT OF UNBRIDLED WAR WITHOUT END 4. Cut the military down to a postage stamp and get our noses OUT of other sovereign state’s business most especially in the Middle East. We are fighting now THREE and maybe FOUR wars if one counts Pakistan. How many more?

    Bring jobs back to THIS country, make huge corporations pay and penalties for those who set up shop overseas to avoid taxes. Let corporations like GE be patriotic and pay their fair share! Liberals KNOW this is NOT the way to create jobs. The president is proud that he spearheaded the greatest spending cut in history and he was the allegedly most liberal member of the Senate? Where on what planet? If somewhere in the machinations of his cabinet he can tell business leaders and the Chamber of commerce to BRING JOBS BACK HERE and make things in America again then great. This, traditionally has NOT been the way to create jobs. And by the way just WHAT has the president cut?

    Maybe this will bode well for the president in 2012. I surely hope so because the tea party madness is looking to take the Senate, House and Presidency. If that happens then we are cooked. We may as well all move to Brazil. We MUST take back the House, keep the senate and of course keep the White House even IF we have a leader who has not shown his supposedly remarkable leadership skills. Maybe he can win the Independent vote. Let’s hope so. The worst is yet to come. And by the way who looks the best in this? Boehner. One positive note he and the Tea baggies do not see eye to eye. That is good. Boehner will keep his job he will NEVER be primaried by a tea baggie. Tea baggies have lost in many of their attempts that this will be one. I suspect there WILL be others with please god UNION help!

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