Monday Meltdown

G’mornin’ folks.  What better way for all of us to kick off another week than this outrageous video from You Tube?  My son sent it to me last night and after a chat with him, I found out that this video was culled from the weirdest You Tube videos by none other than the Queen of You Tube, Chrisetta.  This catchy ditty swirled through my head all night.

Here’s some background on the Kelly Family Huffington Post also did a little digging.  In fact, I believe that this video must be a few decades old.  Nevertheless, it’ll get you off to a brand new week in foot-stomping glory.  We just might have found a new technique for toilet-training our youngsters!

Moreover, don’t you think this song would be an apt pledge by which all of our elected officials and corporate scions should abide?  It’s bad enough that they pee-pee in their own beds; worse still that they continue to do that in my bed!


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2 Responses to “Monday Meltdown”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    Catchy lyrics!

  2. Ann Says:

    Much like the Van Trapp Family Singers!! (:

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