Washington, D.C. Finally Fights Back

Finally.  Some long-awaited rebellion.  Washington Mayor Vincent Gray along with other citizens and Council members have just been arrested for civil disobedience.  They staged a protest downtown to show their disdain for their status of the only district in the country to have taxation without representation.  That was the long-standing matter.

The trigger for this demonstration however, was the recent budget negotiations that included riders which stomped all over D.C.’s rights.  First off, Washington, D.C. has the legal status of a federal agency.  If there would have been a shutdown, necessities such as garbage collection would have been halted.  Moreover, the GOP, along with the submissive Democrats, assailed low-income women in D.C. by forbidding them access to abortion, which the last time I checked, was declared legal by our very own highest court in the land many decades ago.

Let’s face it: our federales treat the citizens of D.C. as their own slaves, throwing them under the bus simply because they can.  Oh —- I almost forgot: they treat the citizens of D.C. so appallingly because the district is solidly Democratic and African-American.  Fight on, District of Columbia.  Do not give up.

And why the hell haven’t the New York Times and The Huffington Post deemed this story newsworthy to merit a mention on their sites?


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