Ha Ha! A Third War. Just What We Need.

Call me silly, but is this statement by Lindsey Graham a bit off the wall?  What with America finally acknowledging the need to cinch in our budget belts, now he wants us to finance and participate in a THIRD war?  We don’t have enough money to support our schools nor a cleaner environment nor basic health care for our citizens and yet, we should yield to “higher” ideals of global freedom?

I find the entire debate of taking care of the world before we take care of ourselves here at home to be laughable.  Get real.

What is truly funny is The Donald’s thinly veiled run for the Presidency.  He would no sooner take that job, as the protocol and serious nature of the office would very much crimp his style.  The best article I have read on Trump’s non-campaign is right here, written by Charles M. Blow.  Ha ha ha!  Is this the best the opposition has to offer as the alternative to Barack Obama?  Ha ha ha!!!!

By the way, as much as the GOP detests President Obama, they want to be just like him and have exactly what he has and enjoys.  They will resort to any and all strategies to remove him from office.  Most of this entails extraneous issues, like the legitimacy of his American birth.  The GOP is well aware of President Obama’s tremendous successes in office (not to mention his intellect, excellent educational credentials, stable and loyal family life) so they naturally go for the extreme social issues, their favorite staple when reason fails, like abortion, death panels, equal rights in the work place, organized labor and religion in our public places.  Nothing new and indicative of an empty agenda.

To relate Graham’s statement with The Donald’s run with the rest of the GOP’s platform, perhaps their rationale is the hope that a third war will bring us out of our economic doldrums, something war number 1 and war number 2 never did.  In fact, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are responsible in large part for the bankrupt situation of our homeland.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me a third time, don’t even ask.  Ha ha ha!!!!


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