Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth

So Barack Obama released his birth certificate today.  No surprises contained within.  Now the doubters, no doubt, will still insist on the lack of authenticity of that document and thus, the invalidation of the Obama presidency.  The Obama administration finally released the document because, as they correctly said, the attention to this matter served as a distraction to those issues that really deserve merit in our houses of government.  However, you know the old adage: “They’re gonna talk about you anyway.”

In typical Donald fashion, Trump held a news conference to pat himself on the back for being the catalyst who actually got this reveal done.  If nothing else (and truth be told, there is NOT much more there), The Donald is a master at self-promotion.  I remember, some 35 years ago, I was a stockbroker.  Back then, that job description entailed selling securities and servicing clients.  Financial transactions were not computerized as they are today: we still had individual wire operators in each brokerage branch and after the broker would hand-write the order, it then had to be marched up to the wire desk and the ever-important wire operator would send through that order to the floor of the appropriate exchange.

Selling skills were very important to success in this field.  I took a Dale Carnegie seminar on selling skills and to this day, there is one strategy that I always remember.  When a salesperson is trying to get an order and the customer brings up an issue that shows some reluctance on his part, the sales person was taught to first, acknowledge that negativity or obstacle.  Then however, the salesperson should move ahead and continue to emphasize the positive aspects of the product.  So the process was one of acknowledging a specific problem, but then progressing to stress the overall positivity of the product.

I bring up this topic of selling skills because this is exactly what The Donald does.  This issue of President Obama’s birth certificate was used by Trump as a means to sell himself.  He stated today that not the Clintons, not the GOP nor the Tea Party have been able to get the White House to make public this certificate.  But The Donald did.  No surprise at all then, that this issue was presented by Trump as a victory for himself.  Despite the fact that The Donald lost this battle, as the President’s birth certificate is valid, it will be interesting to watch how The Donald now twists the birther issue into another positive for his own fame.  Those wonderful selling skills come into play: although Trump lost the fight about Obama’s birth, he assumes victory in that he claims it was the pressure that he exerted that produced the release of the certificate.  In no way are good selling skills a replacement for good governing.  That is the major disconnect that Trump embodies.  In running a nation, the leader cannot sell himself while ignoring the people, AND expect to win elections.

By the way, it came out today that The Donald’s political contributions, over the years, were 54% for the Democrats.  Combine that figure with his ferocity in attacking the President, and I think there is a chance that should The Donald throw his hat in the ring, it will be on the Democratic side to try to unseat Obama.  Trump couldn’t care less about responsible governing; he will use this opportunity to advance Donald Trump.  The bigger the challenge, the more he loves it.  Thus, why wouldn’t he go after the Democratic nomination?

Additionally, the field of GOP contestants is still quite weak.  And that is putting it mildly:

While the expected front-runners of the GOP are still biding their time on the sidelines, The Donald is grabbing every single bit of media attention that he can generate.  Presidential material?  Nah.   More like President Obama said today, explaining his rationale in disclosing his birth certificate, that “We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.”  In one simple sentence, this President shooed off The Donald by implying that he was just a carnival barker.  Perfect, because that is exactly what The Donald is —- a barker working the crowds at the midway of a carney, “The Greatest Show on Earth”, the Donald Trump extravaganza for the sole benefit of Donald Trump.


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  1. squiggidy Says:

    You are so good!! Amen! Donald is completely narcissistic. So transparent. Sad that some people cannot see through it but I had warmed up to John Edwards at one point so who am I to judge?

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