Genius From Ineptitude

You gotta love this one.  Three years ago, the Supreme Court ruled against the ban on handgun ownership in Washington, D.C.  The citizens of our nation’s capital were free to buy and own their very own handguns (as if they hadn’t anyway).  The only catch was that the D.C. government, such that it is, requires registration of said arms.  Unbelievable but nevertheless true, that last gun dealer has lost his lease and can no longer register guns.  There is no municipal department who is in charge of gun registration.  So much for our reliance on the “private sector.”

Thus, it appears that even though handguns are legal in D.C., they cannot be registered. In fact then, they are illegal.  Crying shame.  Hold on while I (and perhaps Gabrielle Giffords) wipe away my tears over the loss of our second amendment rights.  What a web we weave.  This stupidity and incompetent government in our capital seems to have produced a stroke of genius, totally by their ineptitude, of actually not feeding the frenzy of gun ownership in America.  Shall we celebrate the D.C.’s government continuing pathetic attempts at running a municipality, or shall we condemn them for their incompetency?

I, for one, couldn’t care less that no option for gun registration exists.  Looking at the net effect, I am thrilled that this little enclave is so incompetent that no new guns can be owned there until such a registration process is put into effect.

Imagine: inability and inadequacy actually having a peaceful effect.  Who said that the theory of entropy was all bad?  I am laughing all the way to the NRA rally.


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