Obama Eats Trump For Dinner

Gotta love that man, Barack Obama.  Every time  you think he’s taking it on the chin, passively and willingly, he’s back.  Last night at the Washington Correspondents’ Dinner, he soundly and thoroughly whupped The Donald’s white, over-leveraged, Ivy League, holier-than-thou ass.

The whole scenario is quite ironic.  Trump criticizes President Obama for not having a valid birth certificate, i.e. not being a true American, for not having earned his place at an Ivy League school and for being “stupid” (along with our major economists) in handling our economy.  The birther theory is just plain false.  In addition, The Donald’s reliance on the birther issue is a diversion from facing the plethora of problems that ail America today.  Both parties do know how difficult a situation we are in.  However, whereas the President is trying his darndest to right the wrongs, the GOP is going straight for subterfuge and denial.  The answers are not easy and ultimately, will not be popular with the electorate.

The President is clearly a man of great intellect  and The Donald is obviously jealous of Obama’s  credentials such as being the editor of The Harvard Law Review and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.  The President’s management of the economic crisis, while far from perfect,  is a much better attempt at trying to right things  than is Trump’s handling of his own personal financial affairs, because The Donald’s debt is well beyond the value of his assets.  No different, and certainly not any better, than the U.S. government.

I haven’t assigned you much weekend reading of late, so please do take the time to read this following (short) article by Johann Hari of the London Independent.  He makes valid comparisons between the emptiness of the GOP and the nothingness of Donald Trump.  The mainstream GOP has become merely a fringe element represented by buffoons.  I will bet you a nickel that The Donald is quite angry this morning.  After all, it was apparent that aside from the correspondents making a fool of Trump, it is actually the Donald himself who made a fool of himself.  Ouch.

Our President is the first president to have a black face.  That is the real crux of the matter.  Then, by adding insult to injury, we find that this man also has a brain and was given excellent educational opportunities.  Throw in his admirable work ethic, his ability to communicate and his love and dedication to one wife (unbelievable, no?) and two children, and what we have is a perfect model for the highest office in the land.

The GOP and any other contenders so far cannot meet the standards that President Obama has set.  So their main strategy is to hit him on fake personal issues, like the record of his birth.  After they suspend their racism or at least let it still fester in the shadows, they then go after social issues, like abortion, gay marriage and religion in our schools.  Even we staunch supporters of President Obama acknowledge his sometimes indirect, compromised path to change.  And yet, his accomplishments are significant and nothing short of historical.  Nevertheless, while his political difficulties have also been apparent, many of them are due to downright racism.

Perhaps the main difference between the racist-du-jour Trump and our President is their intentions.  While Trump is out to promote himself above any other cause, President Obama is more invested in the greater good.  The Donald has no conception that there is a greater good other than himself.

Thus, the Washington Correspondents’ Dinner last night was the perfect stage for The Donald to take a licking.  And he did.  Between the tongue-in-cheek performances of the President and Seth Meyers, The Donald wasn’t laughing quite as much at the end of the dinner as he had been at its start.  It was priceless when President Obama referred to The Donald’s tenure on “The Apprentice:”

For Trump’s decision to fire actor Busey instead of rock singer Meat Loaf from his TV show earlier this month, Obama quipped: “These are the types of decisions that would keep me up at night. Well handled, sir.”

Check out Meyers’ digs here.  While his entire routine is well-worth watching, hone in around minute 10 for the comedian’s comments on the GOP hopefuls and minute 12 for his specific comments on The Donald.

Just sit back and let events unfold.  Trump will self-destruct just as surely as the sky is blue.  I have had too many close encounters myself with envious people who are victims of their own inadequacy and lash out at others to compensate for their own shortcomings.  When political gamesmanship resorts to blatant lies fed by jealousy and a mega-overdose of personal ambition, humor is the best way to let off some steam.  The dining hall last night must have been filled with enough steam to make The Donald’s hair positively wilt.


Today the funeral for former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor William Donald Schaefer was held.  As beloved a public figure that he was, his irascibility, eccentricity and plain talk often got him into a bit of trouble.  However, Senator Barbara Mikulski said at the service today about Schaefer, “He [Schaefer] would say, ‘What have we done to help the people today?  I know what we did yesterday, but what have we done today?’ ”  Can you imagine that same sentiment even crossing the pouty, narcissistic lips of The Donald?

For some fun, go to my diary site of The DailyKOS and read the hysterical comments.  Falling off my chair laughing!


Sure enough, The Donald responded to the humiliation inflicted upon him by the President and Seth Meyers.  As expected, Trump’s analysis, his post-mortem of of last evening’s events, was characterized as an “honor” bestowed upon him, because the bulk of the night’s banter was focused on him.  Never mind that he was mocked and ridiculed beyond belief.  Such an honor we should all be so lucky to experience!



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  1. NatalieR Says:

    The accomplishments are impressive And THAT is why a RepublicRAT should NEVER be allowed within 10 feet of the White House. For as much as one can criticize it is IMPERATIVE that all of us when we feel the need to put the critical pen to paper .. WAIT A MINUTE and think. I say Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa as well.

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