Justice Delivered

Today, our much-divided nation can come together to rejoice in justice delivered.  Osama bin Laden is dead.  Although hardly compensation for the thousands of American deaths on 9/11, there is some retribution taken today.

How terrific are those Navy Seals?  Pretty fantastic.  And yes, with Leon Panetta at the helm of our covert operations, how successful was our old-fashioned information gathering, what they call “human intelligence?”  Damn effective.  And today, I AM Yo Mama For Obama.  Of course, I have always been that cheerleader, despite the many times that our President has had to compromise away some of his ideals.  That’s life, folks.

Despite the glowing praise from both sides of the aisle today, after about 24 hours, this outpouring should dissipate, in true American fashion of competition and personal ambition.  My biggest gripe of those that criticize President Obama is that these jealous, racist people never compliment any acts of the Obama administration.  Rather, they, usually in one fell swoop, condemn all of his policies.  They cannot separate the wheat from the chaff.  It is as if by giving the President a pat on the back, they have admitted total defeat.

Here is an example.  The critics of health care reform ignore the benefits of the overall plan while bashing such specific omissions as malpractice reform and the possible violation of interstate commerce laws.  It is truly a misanthrope who constantly overlooks real accomplishments, or at least the framework for actual change, in favor of emphasizing the exclusions.

I am glad the President phoned George W. Bush to share the news.  My extreme distaste for Bush grew out of his stupidity, lack of work ethic and poor judgment in selecting his staff.  Honestly, I do not attribute malice to his actions; that was taken care of by Dick Cheney.  Such bitter malevolence, while not embodied in Bush himself, nevertheless ruled his eight years as President due to his appointments.

The death of bin Laden will unite us for a day or so.  Then, watch the cracks appear.  Somehow, some way, Barack Hussein Obama will start taking heat for some manufactured error.  He can handle it. He had Trump for dinner on Saturday evening and bin Laden for breakfast today.  Not a bad weekend.

There is no better antidote for one’s self-serving envy at another’s successes than continued successes.  Pile those victories on, Mr. President.  Now that our arch-enemy has been neutralized, perhaps we will have less excuses to cite to deal with our own, very real problems at home.  We still must remain vigilant in pursuing terrorists.  However, maybe we could ratchet back our three wars somewhat.  Perhaps we could invest in our homeland more than that of our enemies.  Wouldn’t that be a kick.

Answer me this question: would you want to run against President Obama in 2012?  After the euphoria of bin Laden’s demise passes, that is what will drive Obama’s opponents to new heights of depravity.  The Huckabees, Palins, Bachmans and Trumps of our country can deliver bipartisan praise only in snatches.  Nevertheless, the fact remains that bin Laden was killed on President Obama’s watch.  I am giddy with anticipation as to how these envious opponents will spin this event.  So have a nice day —- and it will be for only one day.

However, I am liking what I am seeing: President Obama has turned aggressive.  As his list of accomplishments grow, so does his electoral popularity.  That’s enough to scare away any opponent.  For an effective leader such as Barack Obama, nothing speaks larger and louder volumes than his ongoing, major victories.  This is true on the international stage as well as the domestic one.  Thus, my deepest desire is that the Secret Service continue to protect this President.  With his continuing successes, the danger also grows around him.  Keep him safe; we need another four years of Barack Obama.  Desperately.

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4 Responses to “Justice Delivered”

  1. nrosen Says:

    An operation like this reminds me of the commando raid against the pirates off the coast of Yemen given at the president’s order. Yet another example of a brilliant man who occupies the office. The death of bin laden is BEYOND the former example times a million and proves that point to me. He is the most competent of competent commanders in chief. He knows EXACTLY what to do and how to do it.

    Sure, the war on terror goes on. But never forget the order was given by Bush to take the bastard bin laden out in Tora Bora and it was denied. The negating of the order to get Bin Laden when they COULD have done it in Tora Bora to me at the time was treason.

    So yes, we can all come together BUT I am SURELY glad this was done on Obama’s watch as I suspected when he was elected, it would be. He directed and the Navy Seals executed it with PERFECTION.

    My criticisms in the past of some policy are tucked away because the president has proven he KNOWS how to implement YES WE CAN. His administration is about reconciliation and compromise. Criticize him as I sometimes do. I can also reverse course and laud him for his ability to do what he thinks is right even if it means compromising with the oft disloyal opposition. I do not have to like that but can support this president as he has shown today and on many other times that his policy uniting the nation is sharp and implementing it arduous but necessary.

    Kudos, Mr. President. You have my loyalty!

  2. nrosen Says:

    correction: A REQUEST was given by US commandos to take bin laden out in Tora Bora when they had him cornered. It was denied by Bush probably to implement and extend Iraq War.

  3. nrosen Says:

    Just read YoMama’s entire opinion, right on target (so to speak!) 🙂

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