Send in the Clowns

Who would have thought that Sarah Palin would be somewhat silenced by a figure even more ludicrous than herself?  That is what it took to get the Mama Grizzly off the front pages, be taken less seriously as a potential national leader and slowly but surely fade away.  All that was necessary was Donald Trump, the current buffoon of American politics.  One clown replaced by an even bigger one.

Ah: if only all of our problems were so easy to correct.  However, there is little solace in the unseating of one political clown with another one.  Of course, the question that is eating me alive is: why does America have so many idiots aspiring to the highest office in the land and how come our citizens take them so seriously?

How and why does America continue to produce these characters?  And why do we have such an endless stream of these idiots so eager to seek the Presidency?  And why does the electorate welcome each and every fool who surfaces on the political horizon with ever more open arms than they applauded the last jester?  This is the serious part of our political circus.  The whys and wherefores are fascinating and well worth some contemplation.

George W. Bush swept into the President’s office based on his “aw shucks” attitude of claiming to be, above all else, just a regular American, a bit of a Good Time Charlie with a dash of the free-wheeling American cowboy thrown in for good measure.  When things got serious, i.e. the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, all of a sudden Bush had to dig deep and come up with a more contemplative and deliberate demeanor.  Backed by his militaristic, vengeful, sparring staff of more clowns (It is amazing that Rummy and Condi did not haul off and kill each other) who wouldn’t know what the words “teamwork” or “greater good” actually meant, they tried to instill the already established clownish President with a new aura of meaningful determination.  It did not catch on; too little, too late.  But had the American people realized, in retrospect, their mistake when they elected George W. to be our devil-may-care leader?

The answer is a resounding “No”, as demonstrated by the people who then received Republican accolades and support.  The successive GOP role models once again assumed the title of “regular American, just like you” quite readily.  Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell (I am you”)and Donald Trump.  The efforts of Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich are just as laughable, but these two beauties threw in a religious streak to give their clowning around some meat.  Their idiocy tried to find validation in faith.

There seems to be no shortage of outlandish candidates available to fill our top government posts.  Worse however, is the unending acceptance by the American people of each and every new clown that emerges with Presidential aspirations.  The question that so needs to be asked is why the American electorate is so needy, so desperate to have a leader that mirrors a dumbed-down, anti-intellectual, militaristic gung-ho, aggressive corporate mantra of winner-take-all ideology.  If we can explain our tendency to identify and elect such clowns, perhaps we can then proceed to actually have a larger,  more sober, qualified pool of candidates from which to choose our leaders.


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  1. NatalieR Says:

    Poignant question. In the final analysis that is the most profound question of all. I suppose if you want to create a presidential cake Republican you would throw in LOTS of media treating the insane as sane, mix in theater of the absurd and healthy doses of STUPIDITY like none other.

    Try going on the street and asking who the 9 Supreme Court justices are OR an easier question HOW MANY justices there are Maybe ask them to name just three and throw in for good measure ask them who the VICE president is…The answers you will get are shocking then again NOT shocking at all THAT is what is so shocking!

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