The Week That Was

This week is almost history, so let us have a mini-review.  Reflecting the world in which we live, we have the sublime as well as the (mostly) ridiculous.

The following article is so relevant to the current, as well as the past, GOP take on President Barack Obama.  It really does not matter how historical, necessary or responsive any of his landmark legislation or presidential decisions (like the take down of Osama bin Laden) is: the Republicans, in all of their racism, jealousy and political ambition, are just not that into President Obama:

I especially love the autor’s last thought:

President Obama could come up with a cure for cancer and Republicans would undoubtedly claim that cancer is good for small business.

In anticipation of (maybe) becoming a GOP presidential runner, Bobby Jindal released his birth certificate this week.  His motivation?  Was his action pre-emptive, as Americans seem to question the birth status of only those people whose skin is darker than the Mayflower settlers, as Jindal’s complexion is a darker shade than those fake first Americans?  Whatever his reason, who cares?  It is not like Jindal is a GOP frontrunner.  Maybe he thinks that by subjecting himself to the same scrutiny that President Obama faced, he is automatically escalating his own presidential status.

The two remaining American hikers jailed in Iran were in the news this week.  Apparently, their trial has been postponed and no explanation was given.  Clearly Iran wants something in return for these hostages and they do not want a sentence handed down now that might cause them to actually harm these hikers, without anything to show for it.  So a delay.  I still maintain the stupidity of these hikers to have ventured into the Iranian wilderness, but they are definitely being used as a bargaining chip by Iran, whether their intention is political or materialistic.

At twenty years old, Bristol Palin has had major plastic surgery.  Suffice it to say that it would have been so much more productive for her to have invested in her brain rather than her face.

Donald Trump, as expected, has self-destructed.  His poll ratings have dropped from a high of 26% right before the release of President Obama’s birth certificate to a measly 8% today.  His crash and burn was caused all by his lonesome.  No way will he run for the Presidency.  His egotistical, narcissistic personality will never let him participate in a contest that was lost before it even began.

Will he take the usual route of explanation by saying that he wants to spend more time with his family (all three of them)?  Will he propose that he can do more for the American people by staying in the private sector?  That option is far-fetched, as Trump has never framed his potential candidacy in terms of what is beneficial for the American people.  Today he even admitted that the scrutiny and relentlessly derisive public opinion associated with a presidential candidacy can be unforgiving and hellish.  Was his opinion of himself so over the top, so optimistic yet unrealistic, that he truly thought that he would be exempt from criticism?  Or perhaps he will come up with another deal, that he just cannot decline, that will reward him generously while breaking the backs of his investors.  Rumor has it that he does not want to release his financial records, as every presidential candidate is required to do.  I forget: how does this differ from President Obama keeping his birth certificate so close to his vest?  At any rate, this man will not be running for the Republican presidential nomination.  The only thing left is to wait and see what his explanation will be.  And then we can laugh even harder and louder.

Easy comb, easy go.

Have a good weekend.

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  1. NatalieR Says:


    We shall OVERCOMB 🙂 funny funny funny

    LOVE IT!

    A No. 1 A-hole TRUMP. An exercise in immorality. Hey he could take his cues from John Ensign and Coburn the coveruper in chief.

    How rancid are these RePUGlican’s? Sick hypocrites!

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