Roseanne Barr the Pathfinder

How ludicrous that the person doing an in-depth report on the actions of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dominique Strauss-Kahn is none other than the illustrious Eliot Spitzer.  No way is fiction more provocative than real life.

When Ah-nold made his public apology, requesting that “I ask that the media respect my wife and children through this extremely difficult time. While I deserve your attention and criticism, my family does not.”, he should have considered his family more seriously thirteen years ago when he fathered a son outside of wedlock.  How dare he now pretend to have concern for the welfare of his wife and children.   Where the hell was that love, respect and care for his family when he made that irresponsible decision in the first place?  He has no more contemplation for his family now than he did back then.  His role modeling for his children was dead thirteen years ago and is dead today.

Rather than continue with my rant of our morally bankrupt public figures, allow me to present you with a saga of a public figure who took the time and fought the fight for her beliefs and contributions.  Remember: our best defense in outing and punishing the scum of this earth is to concentrate our attention on the good guys.

A short history of Roseanne Barr, an entertainer who truly entertained, is in order.   Although faced with much criticism for her aggressive ownership of her plentiful comedic talent, Roseanne truly was a model for women asserting themselves in the field of entertainment.  Roseanne did what Tina Fey is doing today, only she did it 20 years ago.  You might admit that Roseanne was the bridge between the Joan Rivers of 40 years ago and our Tina Fey of today.  These three women are vastly talented comedians.  Joan made Roseanne’s venture possible and Roseanne widened the path for Tina’s success.

I adored the “Roseanne” sitcom.  It was true to life, gritty and above all, hysterical.  Enough fanfare; read all about it here.**

**Much gratitude goes to my son Chuck for his habit of being well and widely read.  He keeps me up-to-date on all issues.  His curiosity spans many decades; he does not limit his interest to only the years of his life.  He is my  true “Renaissance Man.”


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One Response to “Roseanne Barr the Pathfinder”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    The triumvirate of Strauss Kahn, Swartzenneger and a person whom I adored Eliot Spitzer should all go jump in the lake.

    Spitzer is saddest of all. I truly think that man had talent even presidential talent. Moreover I watch his show In the Arena. He is hard hitting and very quick. I cannot believe the idiocy of his behavior. But I must call it like I see it. Having Spitzer chat about the moral turpitude of Strauss Kahn and Schwarzenegger would be like Al Capone talking about the latest bank robbery in digust. Something does not compute.

    These people are unconscionable because they had wives and MOST especially children to consider NOT TO MENTION the electorate they served. It is too bad because Eliot Spitzer in my opinion was presidential. I suppose being presidential today does not necessary mean one will think with the right part of his anatomy. Like Clinton before him the scarlet letter is always front and center obscuring the brain proving men sometimes think NOT with the head they should!

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