Our $arah

Our $arah is back, in a fashion.  I am firm in my belief that she will not run for the Presidency in 2012.  Why?  Simply because the money she is hauling in and the accompanying acclaim is exactly what she was after in the first place.  Our $arah is golden!

Would anyone doubt that theory, after observing her abdication of the Alaska governorship?  She chose to roll with the public momentum to fill her own personal coffers.  Trust me: there is no way she is going to forfeit those advantages in favor of serving the public.  Not a chance.  Moreover, the requirements for running for the highest office in the land would entail serious study of domestic and international policy, an exercise in rigorous education for which our $arah has not an iota of aptitude or interest.  The benefits of political education are just not lucrative enough for her.

Recently, $arah just purchased a home in Arizona.  Have a look at the spread and the financial history of the property.  As Andrew Sullivan writes, $arah did nothing illegal.  Agree.  It is my opinion that once again, she was just stupid.  The price she paid was double the short sale price of one year ago.  Thank the heavens and stars that her life decisions are just affecting her, and not the entire country.

To add to her parade of acclaim, our $arah has announced a new bus tour in the northeast.  Go for it, $arah!  I wish you tons of money and buckets of public adoration.  Just stay out of public service, because really, you have no conception of what that entails.  Deal?

Likewise, months ago I told you that once President Obama released his birth certificate, misanthropes like Donald Rump (I like this typo.  Do you?) would still not be satisfied, and would escalate the birther debate by upholding that the birth certificate was falsified.  Voila!  Trump is resurrecting the birther issue in an attempt to refresh his own public attention.  After all, he has been off the front pages for two weeks  now and he needs a a booster, a shot in his arm, a fix, to advance himself.

Such media whores as $arah and Trump have no intention of serving the public.  Rather, they are on the face of the earth to serve only themselves.  I say, “Go for it.”  Just don’t run for public office and pretend to be a representative of the people.    Both $arah and the Donald represent no one except themselves.  This fact is an unintended gift and we should enjoy the show and be grateful that these non-starters are well, non-starting!


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  1. NatalieRosen Says:

    I am glad Yomama makes me return to reality. Sometimes I take on face value what is in black and white. OF course you are right about $arah Pail of Sh*&$ and Rump too. Why would she ever give up the millions only to have press scrutiny up the ying yang. Worse she might have to read a book! Yes, I love the typo and I think if I ever refer to Rump again that will be his permanent appellation for the horses ass he is! Pardon the disguised profanity but this dynamic duo pollutants make me so FU*&^%$ mad!

    Thanks a lot John flip flop McCain you have thrust upon us the wind and we have reaped the whirlwind — a obnoxious ugly inside and out TORNADO!

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