I Love My Camper Colibri Shoes

I am a shoe whore.  No question about it.

No matter if one has gained weight or lost weight, shoes (and purses) always fit.  Also, know that wearing a size 5 shoe is not an easy load to bear and finding such small shoes is not an easy task.  Whenever I see a pair of shoes in that size, I will usually buy it in a few different colors.  So I did with my Camper Colibris: red, black and white.  If I am feeling daring and a bit funky, I might wear two shoes of different colors.

Besides being the cutest shoes you ever saw (mind you, ANYTHING in size 5 is going to be “cute”), these shoes are like wearing heaven on your feet.  I was at my dentist the other day, and she complimented me on these shoes and asked who made them.  When I told her it was Camper, the Colibri model, she thought for a moment and then told me that the word “colibri” means “hummingbird” in Spanish.  Sure enough, I took a shoe off and looked at the bottom.  There, as plain as day, was a beautiful, rubber cutout of a hummingbird!

Just wanted to share these shoes with you.  By the way, they are over half off the original price at Zappo’s or Amazon, if there are any left.


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3 Responses to “I Love My Camper Colibri Shoes”

  1. sarahsouth Says:

    adorable! just like you.

  2. NatalieRosen Says:

    Is it possible that I am the only one on planet earth whose posterior got way bigger as I aged AND my feet got larger too?? Yep…I once was a size 6 then I went to a 7 and now an 8!!! Somebody told me that as you age your ears get bigger too. Glad I don’t have to wear anything larger on them!

    The Colibris look oh so comfortable!!!

  3. amy lilley Says:

    ah ha…you were wearing those yummy shoes when we had ‘tea’ in DC…they scream, ‘comfortable’…size 5…yes, often I am looked @ as if I am from Mars if I dare ask…’do you have those in a 5????…’

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