The Fractured Fairy Tales of Michele and $arah

Dear Michele and $arah:

For once and for all, allow me to tell you the story of the ride of Paul Revere.  I realize facts are not important to you, but this is a simple story of an event in American history that truly should not lend itself to your campaign , twisted and made up for your own advantage.  Your ignorance is showing.  Above all, get it straight for our children.

With shock, fear and awe,

Yo Mama

The ride of Paul Revere took place on April 18, 1775 in Massachusetts during the height of the Revolutionary War.  The facts are included in this Wikipedia article.  Contrary to Michelle Bachmann’s retelling of this ride, as she said in her stump speech a number of weeks ago in New Hampshire, Revere’s actions did not take place in New Hampshire.  As much as she wanted to elevate the moment to “presidential seriousness”, she took an event of American history and tried, but grossly failed, to use that incident to make her appearance full of revolutionary significance.  So what if Revere’s ride really happened in Massachusetts.  New Hampshire is close enough to Massachusetts to make her point that she was standing on sacred, historical ground.  Six of one, half a dozen of another.  For Bachmann’s purposes, New Hampshire and Massachusetts are interchangeable in terms of Revolutionary War history.

Revere and two other riders were intent on warning John Hancock and Samuel Adams that the British were coming and planned on seizing American arms stored in Concord, Massachusetts.  Our $arah yesterday, while visiting Massachusetts, retold the Revere story on her own terms.  Instead of telling the facts of this quintessential Revolutionary War episode, she flirted with the crowd and recited a story that sounded like a fairy tale, tapered to her need for public acclaim at that minute.  Paul Revere did not ride to warn the British troops of danger.  My dear $arah: remember that Revere was American and rode to warn Americans that the British were on their way.    Furthermore, she turned this story into one of protecting American arms first and foremost, placing the gun issue above the fight for freedom.  She did not know the facts, so wove this little fairy tale which, as she suspected, placated her supporters.  After all, when you are as good-looking and have as cute an ass as our $arah, facts are the least of your worries.  Heaven help her children and all American children who take her fractured fairy tales as fact.

So do take the time to tell your children the true story of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.  Imbue that tale with factual information, our rich history and the roots of American independence.  Never, ever, distort the facts to benefit whatever moment you want to create for your own personal advantage.

These ladies of American politics, these pathfinders who are seeking the highest role of leadership in our country, our Michele and $arah, are weaving fairy tales out of American history in order to advance their own dockets.  What they don’t know, they make up.  Certainly their seriousness of purpose is undermined by their blatant ignorance.  And their intellectual oblivion is a slur on the American conception of leadership.  Is it any surprise that American education is tanking?  What’s next?  Donald Trump declaring a bid for the Presidency to promote his public media agenda?  What a great country we live in!

Listen my children and you will hear

Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.

Heed not the versions of Bachmann and Palin

As their historical ignorance will set you awailin’.



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One Response to “The Fractured Fairy Tales of Michele and $arah”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    If those who read your blog do nothing else they MUST click on or paste the link below into their browser. Sarah the Moron Palin potentially running for president of the most powerful nation on earth when she was in Boston yesterday at the Old North Church explaining history and just what that Paul Revere was doing on April 18, 1775. I have NO doubt it would be big news to Paul Revere!!

    It’s not she that upsets me it’s that ANYONE on planet earth much less in THIS country is following her like a dog in heat that upsets me.

    This is the funniest one yet and even funnier than Katie Couric’s profoundly tough question of what books do you read. I guess Ms. Palin does not read many OR ANY! Actually, in fairness to her she seems stoned! Oh but she knows SO much about foreign policy because she can see Russia from her house. OF COURSE…silly me.

    She is an insipid fool and progressives or ANYONE must send this link far and wide. It should be splattered across every news page and every link possible. You know the opposition would do that in a heartbeat as they have about the stupid Twitter hack on Weiner’s.

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