Sweet Sunday in Maine: Photos

Another glorious day in Maine.  A lazy Sunday, filled with the New York Times crossword puzzle, bo ssam in the oven cooking for ten hours, cycling, kayaking, appreciating the scenery and the especially the company.  Come take in the sights with me.

A patch of blue

Cape Rosier red.

A Maine-style roof garden.

My new pots, to be planted soon, with surrounding landscape to be added for that perfect finishing touch. Donnie Trump would call them "UGE."

They told me to take my sentiments outside, so I did: to the garage.

Serenity and good Will.

The biker and the hippie.

Live strong!

Chill stronger.

Later. Later.

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4 Responses to “Sweet Sunday in Maine: Photos”

  1. cameron Says:

    the whole crew!
    enjoy the vaca together. thanks for the photos.
    missing all of you,
    andy & cam

  2. amy lilley Says:

    Thank you for letting me live vicariously thru yours pics…I’ve had my ‘hand to the plow’ for 2 weeks getting ready for a show next Saturday…(and the upcoming Farmers Market)…love seeing EVERYONE..(you, I’ve seen)..happy for you all that the weather has been so PERFECT…enjoy enjoy enjoy…XXXXXXX

  3. NatalieR Says:

    Love the pics especially the patch of blue.

    Is that Lance Armstrong minus steroids? 🙂

  4. yomamaforobama Says:

    Cam, Amala, and Nat-

    Love hearing from you all. Cam, we’d really be boogying if you and Andy were here. Amy, have a great show. And Cuz, I’d kill him and change all the house locks if he ever took that shit.

    Love to you.

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