We have been eating spectacularly here in Downeast Maine.  My kids are wonderful and adventuresome chefs.  Here are some of our dinners.

First, we made homemade pizzas —– including the dough.  I was told it would be a travesty if we bought ready-made dough.  While Chuck actually mixed  the dough, Maribel proved to be a damn good pizza dough tosser.  Then we personalized each pizza with locally produced spicy Italian sausage, eggplant, zucchini, onions, cauliflower and the best damn tomato sauce, so zesty and flavorsome, concocted by Cookie.  Added into the melee was various grated cheeses, capers and anchovies.  I am not a pizza eater, yet I inhaled these pies.

The Tosser.

Saucy man.

Sibling compatibility.


Now we move on to the incredible Bo Ssam: an 8 1/2 pork shoulder, bone-in, ordered from the Bagaduce Farm, two miles from our house.  Maribel coated it with salt and sugar, basted it often and slow-cooked it for eight hours.  Many Korean sauces accompanied the shoulder.  The finished product was to die for.

Pork shoulder, bone in. Bernie would be proud.

Not a chance.


The pork has been pulled off the bone and is now ready to be wrapped in lettuce, saucified and devoured. Or, you can eat it straight up like Yo.

Of course, the piece de resistance of delectable Maine treats is the lobstah.  We sent Chuck home to New York, as he is “allergic” to fish.  Then we went to a local lobsterman and bought six lobsters.  As I placed them in the steaming pot, I said a requiem for each: adios $arah, sayonara Michele, eat shit John Edwards, buh-bye Arnold, never again Newt and enjoy eternity Rush.  The crustaceans were delish, as juicy and tender as could be.  The accompanying music of Phil Ochs only served to heighten the total experience.




Maine through and through.



Finally, it warms a mother’s heart to know that her offsprings’ cleaning up capabilities are equal to their culinary talents.  And a great time was had by all.


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2 Responses to “Downeaters”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    my mouth is watering…yes, even the non-pork eating gal is drooling…and the lobstahs…to die for in Maine…love the names…you’re a funny girl yomama…glad to see that the fun and games continue…:))

  2. NatalieR Says:

    Well pizza looks good. Pork not so much. I feel bad for the lobsters as I love them but I could never drop them in the scalding water. I’d take the pizza definitely hold the sausage and the cheese. I would take make it with whole wheat dough put some of that great tomato sauce on it and onions, garlic, peppers, mushrooms and god knows what other veggies and yum! If I ate two pieces my scale would be up five lbs! not kidding. bad family trait I can pack it on.

    I also would give the pup a taste!! awwww she’s SO sweet. LOVE that dog!!

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