Schnitzeling the Weiner

I could care less about what Anthony Weiner chooses to do in his personal life. His behavior does enter my sphere of opinion though when his raunchy behavior invades his role as an elected, public servant.  The gamut of accepted behavior can be deemed acceptable if the parties involved agree and keep it private.  “Lewd” acts have no boundaries between two consenting adults.  It is only when these acts represent a betrayal to those people to whom loyalty is an issue (ya’ know, like a wife) and when the need to publicize these endeavors in a showy way that they demand judgement from others.  Weiner is guilty on both counts.  So here I go.

When I first heard about the allegations of Weiner’s tweets, I disgustedly said that these guys, and both political parties have their share of them, must have a death wish.  Their self-loathing must be so deep that they cannot help but push the moral envelope until they are right upon the edge of the abyss, until many, if not all, of them are destroyed by the exposure.  As if their career-oriented press time is not satisfying enough, they take their own questionable personal behavior and use it to elevate still their time in the limelight.  The risk-taking is so tempting that it overcomes all reason and standards of accepted behavior.  The thrill of risk overtakes all semblance of appropriate behavior.

In Weiner’s case, many pundits are calling his behavior a compulsion.  What pushed him over the edge?  Was it that his wife is pregnant with their first child and that caused him to “rebel?”  None of the pundits are psychiatrists or therapists, as I am not also.  Yet the pathology is so obvious, so purposeful, that something clearly has driven Weiner to self-destruct.  I do not buy the argument that males are driven above all by the primeval drive to hunt and procreate, thus cancelling out any moral considerations.  Likewise, the argument that these people are mentally ill also does not hold much water for me.  Sorry.  I believe that human beings differentiate themselves from other living things precisely because of their ability to reason and aspire to certain moral standards.  No argument for evolutionary  excuses  or mental illness explains the exhibitionist needs of these public figures.  Total narcissism.  Period.

Maureen Dowd has written on the Weiner incident much more eloquently than I ever could.  However, I am never shy about my opinions.  If I were a voter in Weiner’s district, would I vote for him?  He has been a good Democrat.  Nonetheless, I would not vote for him.  I would abstain.  It is high time to take a stand on our public politicians to hold fast to professional and personal standards of ethics.  There is not much leeway between personal morals and professional guidelines.

Weiner has schnitzled himself but good.


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One Response to “Schnitzeling the Weiner”

  1. natalieR Says:

    mmmm I’ve had to think long and hard on this. Here’s what I care about. I care about votes. I care about whether an elected official is going to ditch Medicare, I care about if they are going to ditch Social Security, or Medicaid or reduce the PBS budget more than they have already OR I worry about issues of war and peace. I worry about death that emanates from those principles. Including no healthcare. I worry about Iraqis about a million have died and thousands of wounded, and in Afghanistan 2500 American deaths, I care about the debt ceiling, foreclosures and I care about jobs.

    I do NOT care about Weiner’s weiner sorry, I just don’t. Why should Sen. Vitter stay after he, while he was married, frequented a high class whore numbers of times and Weiner who did what he did although obnoxious did not really hurt anyone except himself and his now pregnant wife. He still voted the right way — my way — on the hugely important issues of our time. If I had a son when George Bush was president or when the Congress gave him authority to make war and my son died it would bring home the fact just how important our elected officials are. The life of everyone’s son, daughter and OUR very lives depend upon these elected officials voting the correct way.

    Weiner was and still is an EXCELLENT speaker for progressives and THAT is about which I care. Was he goofing off on our dime? Probably. So does Boehner when he boozes it up as I have heard he does. So did Kennedy when he used to booze and whored it up. I still loved him.

    The issues of our time are life and death issues. I refuse to let some computer sex that MILLIONS do even though they are not in public service and often when they are every day, every hour of the day. Should Weiner’s wife be furious … you bet. Should she be forgiving? I don’t know. Hillary obviously was. I care about getting Democrats elected and we have none to spare. I wish the media storm would STOP this nothing but salacious story or go to Vitter and ask Eric Cantor why he as not called on HIM to resign.

    In the final analysis I want Republicans to resign but I want Democrats to stay. Short of murder or treason if it were up to me, I want him to stay and albeit sin no more.

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