Adieu Bonnecamp

Time to pack up and return to reality.  What a wonderful two weeks.  What fabulous kids.  I truly do not know where the days have gone.  I cannot account for them.  A few lingering memories.

So glad that I got to see the first bloom.

The vista from my desk.

Not all who roam are lost.

Goodnight trees.

The lupine and daisies are popping.

Lupine blue bathed in morning sun.

Funny, fabulous family. Thank you.

Until next time, adieu Bonnecamp.

There are some dribs and drabs on the political scene that I want to summarize.  Newt Gingrich is on the verge of ending his run for the 2012 Presidential race.  The reasons were predicted: First, Newt has trouble focusing.  His major aides are abandoning ship because they say that he cannot concentrate on the campaign.  No surprise there: he couldn’t focus on one wife at a time either.  Reason number two is all the ridicule he has faced for his $500,000 Tiffany bill and other gaffes.  Life may be a playground, but presidential politics is serious business.  Public ridicule is difficult to surmount.  Besides, we have enough laughing stocks in public office.

Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty are still in it to win it.  There is much talk about Rick Perry entering the race, especially now since Newt is probably history.  Bachmann —- who knows?  And our $arah will milk the political schedule as much as possible for her own material needs.  Have a look at this Bill Mahre video that shows her chameleon ability on her choice of religion in  order to suit whatever crowd she is addressing at the moment.  Her tendency to generalize and avoid facts is once again apparent.  I will bet you that not all bikers are Christian and that not all New Yorkers are Jewish.  However, in all of her astute analysis of the political world, she does what she thinks is necessary to keep up appearances., or at least her interpretation of it.  She has not one iota of dedication, intellect or interest in public service, so that kind of kills off her chances of running in 2012.  The Donald is once again toying with the idea of occupying the White House, probably because his media light has dwindled in recent weeks.  He, like $arah, will ultimately forsake the race in favor of his own personal need for fame and fortune.  But hey, he misses the spotlight.  Thus, he will probably announce his candidacy on a monthly basis.  Lucky us.

Enjoy the circus.  Not even Bonnecamp can protect us from our funny, little world.


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