Sliding Into Home

Dear President Obama and Congress:

This is going to be short, sweet and a direct hit on your fun and games played at the expense of our country’s well-being.  So straighten up and listen.

The term “the full faith and credit” of the United States has a much more serious and pointed meaning than your political futures.  Our international and domestic standing is dependent on our ability to honor our obligations.  The time to raise the debt ceiling is now, so that we can be responsible in paying off our indebtedness.  The time to curb our voracious appetite for spending was yesterday and tomorrow.  Once we have incurred debt to other countries, we are obligated to service that debt.

The rioting in Greece over the austerity measures  that country has had to assume in order to repay their ridiculous debt is well and good.  The people are livid at the cuts in benefits that they are experiencing.  Likewise, the continent of Europe is also a bit pissed at the consequences of their (and Greece’s) fiscal irresponsibility.  Greece’s woes definitely have a domino effect throughout the entire EU.  But that continent has to face up to their own problems and quit bellyaching that once again, the United States should “save” them.

Hell, the U.S. cannot even save itself.  We have our own disasters to deal with, having ignored the writing on the wall for decades.  We have no viable health care system, our educational programs are failing, our infrastructure is falling apart and our social safety net is dwindling every day.  Certainly I would be willing to pay higher taxes for fewer services —- for my country.  No way am I agreeable to doing that for Greece or other countries of the EU.

As things stand, we are already engaged in three wars and three attempts at nation building abroad.  My tunnel vision is to concentrate what assets we have left right here at home.  Europe is going to have to take it on the chin and make whatever cuts they need to in order to fiscally survive.  We should not save them yet again.

Americans likewise are battling against the need to institute austerity measures.  This is not a popular political policy, but it must be undertaken.  We would have to be crazy to assume other nations’ austerity measures as well.  So get with the program: raise our debt ceiling to make good on the obligations we have already assumed.  Then take that budget knife and cut, as kindly as you can, all the fat from our government and entitlements.  But do not ask Americans to pay for the cuts of other countries.  That would be the last straw.

Today is Father’s Day.  Perhaps you ought to start treating your country as firmly and responsibly as you would your own child.  Otherwise, you should not be a father or a national leader.  Get on with it.

Yours but not Europe’s,

Yo Mama



Lo and behold, after writing this post I opened up the Washington Post.  Look what I found:


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4 Responses to “Sliding Into Home”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    Totally excellent letter. He would do well to read it. Perhaps you can pass that out on a street corner.

    When one says cuts in entitlements, though, it gives me agida. It reminds me of George Carlin’s rant that they are coming for all of it because, he said, “they are in a club and you ain’t in it.” Now that gets me angry no furious. Let those banksters and bast*&^s cut their OWN Social Security or have a paragraph where one could OPT OUT of Medicare especially for those who can afford to do so. I still do believe that the austerity should NOT be on the backs of the middle and the poor. I would love to see these so called “necessary” cuts with a scalpel and know just what they are. Cuts to the EPA, cuts to the NIH, cuts to Consumer Protection and regulation of banks and the SEC should NOT be on the table.

    I am afraid those cuts will go to food programs for babies or schools that help inner city kids, or health services for the poor and they will be left with nothing and no one who cares. I care no matter what or who they are. Most don’t. Yes, have standards but do NOT make the middle class and the poor pay for never ending wars, an utterly bloated military budget and tax loopholes for multi million buck corporations which have through decades stratosphered the debt. NOTHING trickles down when you give the rich tax cuts. They just take them and either put them in their own pocket or take them on a cruise to China to create jobs there that belong here.

    I am VERY leery and very skeptical of all these “spending” cuts.
    George Carlin’s Utube “The American Dream.” It sticks in my ear. It has had a profound affect on my opinion. If you care to hear it the link is:

  2. yomamaforobama Says:

    Just like our (friendly) disagreement on Weiner’s resignation, entitlements are also viewed differently by you and me. If one has principles, one cannot adjust or taper those beliefs to the political desires of the present. Just as with morality and responsibility, values cannot be picked and chosen to fit one’s ideas of whom they want in power. Entitlements have to be given a wide, non-discriminatory cutting. We will have to cut a number of programs that have worth. That is precisely why austerity measures are called “cuts.” It will not be pleasant process. Nobody will be immune.

    If we constantly support only those policies that are attractive to the party line, we will end up exactly where we are today: with a bankrupt government, a broken political system and public servants violating there sworn oath to conduct becoming such an elected official. Damn the votes: do what is right.

  3. NatalieR Says:

    I see your point but the rich get richer, pay puny taxes when they should be paying more. We could afford it all, programs for the poor, programs for seniors, health care for all, infrastructure repair ALL of it geared to the public good. The wealthy no the UBER wealthy need to pay more — MUCH more perhaps a tax rate as it was in t he 1950’s sans the bloated military budget. Now THAT is fair but fair will NEVER happen here? Why? Because America is NOT fair. Our Congress is bought and sold by lobbyists for the megga rich and SCOTUS made up of corrupt Clarence Thomases by Citizen’s United insured that the poor will lose in the end as they usually do when corporations can make unlimited contributions to political campaigns. How about one more reform? Public financing of political campaigns…yeah right and I’m going to be a millionaire tomorrow when I win the lottery!! It’s a club and I ain’t in it!

  4. yomamaforobama Says:

    I totally agree that the wealthy need to have their taxes raised significantly. However, once and if that ever occurs, cuts to programs will still need to be made. Americans’ expectations (as well as those of Europeans) of entitlements have to be completely re-evaluated based on our current reality.

    So yes, taxes need to be upped, but that is not the total solution to austerity measures for America. Don’t kid yourself. The wealthy do have to make more of a contribution, but EVERYONE, each American, needs to feel the pain as well. No more free rides for anyone anymore.

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