$arah’s End Game

So why has our $arah quit her bus tour?  Could the answer simply be that she’s a quitter?  Perhaps a more refined, detailed explanation is that she was not getting the immediate gratification, i.e. bucks in her pocket, good press, public adoration and a quick, easy nod for the GOP Presidential nomination, that she had anticipated.  Oh yeah: also a run for our highest office just might entail her having to hit the books on subjects other than fluff.  Wait there’s more: daughter Bristol massacred her face by recent plastic surgery and this daughter’s memoirs are out there now for everyone to enjoy.  Could our $arah be a wee bit embarrassed by the lack of depth of Palins other than herself?  Whatever.  Enjoy Huffington’s take on all of this:




One Response to “$arah’s End Game”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    maybe we can actually thank Weiner for knocking her off the front page…on to the next scandal…bye bye $arah….:)))

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