Hail! Decorah Eagles Tribute

The world is too much with us.  Granted.  However, as we review the journey of the Decorah eagles, let us be newly inspired to live up to our own challenges as admirably as these raptors have.

We can all learn a lesson from the dedication, focused purpose and caring demonstrated by the Decorah eagles this season.  The tenacity of the parents and the cooperation of the babies (often accompanied by sheer luck) have been a wonder to watch.  I have been keeping you informed of their well-being since the three eggs hatched around early April. The eaglets have now flown the nest, but do return frequently.

This tribute is a wonderful piece to watch, surely much more heartening and uplifting than recent events in our own world of Homo sapiens.   Revel in the simplicity, yet challenges, of the Decorah eagles.  Stroll down the story once again that warmed our hearts and reawakened our hope:




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