Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Clinton or Bachmann?

My son keeps me informed and well-read.  He sent me the following article on Hillary Clinton written by Jonathan Alter for Vanity Fair a number of weeks ago.  Then yesterday, he sent me Matt Taibbi’s piece for Rolling Stone on Michele Bachmann.  Wow!  The juxtaposition  in these two women’s outlooks, education, accomplishments, religious bearings and possible effects on our country are quite astonishing.  I wish I had the expertise and time to edit out of both articles all references to these women’s’ names.  You know —- keep the articles anonymous.  Probably an impossible task.  But then, I would have had you tell me who you would trust and respect more as a national leader: Clinton or Bachmann.

If you are so inclined and interested in our political future, do read both of these profiles.  The glaring discrepancies between these two women, either of which may someday hold the highest office in the land, is like night and day.  Their popularity is also exemplary of the ideological, economic and religious division of our voting public.

And never forget: it is just as important for us to educate ourselves on the politicians we dislike and disagree with as it is to familiarize ourselves with those that we support.  In fact, it is probably more urgent for us to learn about our antagonists.  Remember the old adage: keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

I recognize the ideological (and partisan) backgrounds of both of these authors, and keep that in mind when I assess both women.  But honestly, who would you rather have break that glass ceiling: Clinton or Bachmann?


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