Playing Chicken With Our Children

With the debt ceiling decision looming hugely in front of our eyes, Congress is now in a week and a half recess.  What can one say?  America has become the laughing-stock of world governments, essentially because we cannot govern.

Our international reputation and economic dominance has severely been diminished.  Oh yes: our spirit of individual entrepreneurship is still intact, but our government is paralyzed, and that is the message that the world is observing —- and acting on.  As far as I can determine, America’s role in world affairs has deteriorated to that of war monger.  In Iraq, in Afghanistan and in the U.N. effort in Libya, we are the main supplier of manpower, actions and arms.  Whereas our supposed allies like Britain or France, who might contribute 5,000 to 10,000 troops to these conflicts, the U.S. has sent over 100,000 troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, and the great majority of soldiers and equipment to Libya.  Our allies have our number, and they are using it to their advantage and our disadvantage.  Of course, if we want our international role to deteriorate to simply being the world’s army, we are there.

However, if we want to set the example for fiscal responsibility, effectiveness, heeding the needs of our citizens, upholding democratic principles and maintaining our strength at home, we had better come to the party and actually govern.  When Eric Cantor walked out of debt ceiling talks last week, headed by Vice President Biden, it was nothing short of a slap in the face for our President and any attempt at running our own house.  Cantor was totally unreceptive to the possibility of raising revenues by eliminating some tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations.  He was only interested in cuts, not raising our sources of funds.  The spoiled little brat thus walked.

This posturing is just another effort of the GOP to discredit President Obama.  Their goals of real problem solving are not at the top of their agenda.  Instead, their one, focused motivation is to evict Barack Obama from office.

My biggest complaint is the President Obama seems to be playing the same game of chicken.  Of course the job of U.S. President is terribly stressful, and I often wondered how President Obama kept up the frenetic pace he did during his first two years in office.  However, in the last four to six months we have witnessed an impasse in legislation.  Is the President answering the GOP’s obstructionism with a similar effort at a stalemate?  We know the intent of the GOP, but it is not acceptable for our President to assume the same empty agenda in retaliation.

Sixty Minutes did a segment tonight on childhood poverty, which has grown from 14 million to 16 million over the last two years.  They focused on Seminole County in Florida, near Orlando.  Families often have to make the choice between feeding their children or paying for housing in local motels or electricity.  Too many of these kids readily admit to going to bed hungry.  Yet, they and their parents are dedicated to keeping the family together above all else; if they succumb to the system and the only recourse are shelters, often these families wind up split apart.

So President Obama, Mr. Cantor and the whole GOP, have a look at what your stubbornness and obstructionism is creating.  Our nation’s children are suffering.  Certainly their plight would be somewhat eased if you took the bull by the horns and actually addressed the issues eating away at our society.  By eliminating some of the tax breaks of the wealthy might be a great way to start alleviating our nation’s woes.

And Mr. Cantor, politician extraordinaire, how would you like to raise your children in a shelter or motel and send them to bed hungry every night?  Shame on you and your political party for not bending your elitist ideology favoring the top one percent of our earners  for some consideration of the bulk of our nation’s children.  You and your phony, empty Republicans are maneuvering the recession to even greater detriment for our population, just to ensure a GOP success in the next election.  It is high time you acted like a decent public servant instead of a political pimp.  What fantasy world are you living in?  The solutions, even partial at best, are not easy to come by.  However, your leaving the table is inexcusable and irresponsible.   Get your ass back into those budget talks, you and your damnable GOP.

And while you are at it, get our President to put his money where his mouth is regarding our children’s predicament.  If President Obama keeps sitting on the fence rather than choosing and fighting for the side he believes in, he will wind up emptier than even the GOP.


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One Response to “Playing Chicken With Our Children”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    One of the best posts I have read. You are right on the money (pardon the pun.) I too saw the Sixty Minutes episode. My partner and I were stunned silent. We were having dinner and felt sickened that the finger of fate decreed that so far we have enough to eat and then some. Why is our plentiful nation so often obtuse to human suffering?

    The Republican mantra is bankrupt. They have NOTHING to offer and they know it. So their goal is to keep them and those who keep them in power stuffed with money while those who work for a living go to bed hungry. Unheard of in this nation at least in my memory. It is scandalous.

    Of course I know what created the Great Recession of 2007 very well. I am no economic genius but I forced myself to understand some of the important parts of it. When I know that this ponzi scheme that is Wall Street, holding hands with an out of control unregulated housing market with too big to fail banks and insurance companies accompanied by rating systems as wolves guarding the chicken coup in Wall Street’s back pocket, my fuse blows.

    No, it is NOT the fault of those families Sixty Minutes interviewed. It is the fault from Wall Street to Washington DC. It is simply too bad that probably the majority of the country does not have a clue what is causing the catapulting of a first world country to nearly third world status. If they did they surely would NEVER have looked to the Republican Party as the antidote.

    The only power we have is our vote. I can only think how easily the nation could return to productivity. It must have academics and a significantly progressive Congress to do so. I believe if we did the president would act accordingly. He does the best he can often in view of EXTREME racism that cannot stomach a black man with his family residing in the White House and will put up any obstacle it can to defeat him. I say to them tough, get used to it and HOPE fervently my fantasy of four more years plus a progressive Congress will come true. I can hope!

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