Rick Scott Redux

Man oh Manishewitz!  I am observant.  All true perception requires is for one to pay a little attention, educate oneself a bit and never ignore what came before.  On August 25, 2010, I wrote this post on Rick Scott, then candidate for Florida Governor and today, indeed the Sunshine State’s head honcho.  Read the following and weep:


True to his sketchy, conniving corporate record, he is running Florida into the ground.  However, his back story of heading up a national health care company that, while he personally escaped legal conviction and punishment, his company took on the chin.  Scamming and defrauding Medicare was their choice of business as usual.  Lo and behold, the fine people of Florida nevertheless elected this crook to be their governor. What would cause an entire state, the home of a huge number of Medicare participants, to vote for a guy who led a company and then watched its downfall due to its actions of Medicare fraud?

And today, Florida is reaping the rewards based on their blatant stupidity.  Who in their right mind, would elect a person to be their governor, who had a public record and employment history of abusing Medicare, of a state with one of the largest populations of citizens on Medicare?  The irony is just too much:


So far, Floridians are none too pleased with Scott’s governorship.  They got what they deserved.  This scenario has been played out over and over again in this great country of ours.  This particular story about Scott assures us that democracy is working: no matter how base, selfish and “semi”-criminal a candidate is, he can still get elected to very high office.  In addition, should that official be recalled due to voter remorse, there is always a long line of ambitious, greedy poseurs to replace him. Yeah!  Onward America!




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