President Obama Pushes Back (Hard)

As if the debt ceiling talks were not fraught with enough tension, our $arah pipes up once again, “It’s not time to retreat, its time to reload.”  I guess the hard lessons of her inflammatory language in response to the Tucson shootings were all for naught.  It is so encouraging to see how this dynamic populist learns from her mistakes.  Add to this pathetic display of  inciting the worst elements of violence and possible fringe insanity, her total ignorance on budget matters and we have a useless, self-serving public figure who is again stooping to the lowest common denominator of rabble-rousing merely for the sake of her own public acclaim.

By the way, I am inclined to believe that as Michele Bachmann gains strength in the Prez race, $arah will step into the fray and run.  Never mind that she did nothing to elevate her mind on such Presidential concerns as the economy, foreign affairs, domestic social needs and just downright common sense over the last couple of years.  $arah could not stand for another right-wing religious nut, a politician who calls for the least amount of government (therefore, why learn about it?), a super-mama with over 20 children overtaking her role as the Mama Grizzly.  Oh no: should Bachmann have a good showing in Iowa, $arah will jump right  on the bandwagon.  After all, she will insist on being at the top.  So what if her standard of comparison is as lacking in Presidential skills as she is.  “Top idiot” is better than not being top in anything.  Sigh.

Now look at President Obama.  He finally became hot under the collar last night in his negotiations with the GOP.  He faced Eric Cantor, who not only met each of the President’s proposals with yet another condition, but then rudely interrupted him three times.  The President has his number though: the GOP repeatedly change the stakes as a method of saying “No” to President Obama.  That is their only game:  it is not to fight for progress for the American people, but rather to shut down of the Obama administration.  And the upstart Cantor is either a blind fool or easy game for his party to use him against the President.  Either way, Cantor’s rising star is about to crash.

President Obama will not hold the necessity of raising the debt ceiling hostage to real budget and deficit requirements.  Even if the current talks lead to 90% spending cuts and only 10% revenue increases, the President will not cave this time.  He will not sign off to another temporary fix to a long-term problem.  Even Nancy Pelosi has voiced her opinion on this issue, firmly backing the President.  She admits that perhaps the GOP must face the probable calamity of a severe financial market drop before they act on raising the debt ceiling.

During last night’s session, President Obama actually verbalized his disgust with the Republican’s goal of always saying no to his policies.  Additionally, he raised the holy grail to all conservatives —- the name of their beloved Ronald Reagan.  And the President was correct when he asked “Would Ronald Reagan be sitting here?”  Hell no!  Remember the mess with the air traffic controllers’ union?  Reagan busted that union as quickly and as fiercely as possible.  No, Mr. President.  Ronald Reagan would not have had the patience or stamina that you have exhibited in these deficit talks.

Years ago, in one of my posts, maybe during the last Presidential campaign, I mentioned that I would not want to be on the opposite side of Barack Obama , especially when he has been pushed to the limit of reason.  Today is such a scenario.  I like what I see when the man gets frustrated and angry.  He speaks the truth when he’s on edge.  Let’s see if he can turn those words into actions.

Hang tight.  And if push comes to shove, do indeed take the issues to the American people.  We are with you, Mr. President.


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