Punting To End the Deadlock


The historical negotiations finally produced a signed, sealed compromise that will ensure that America the Beautiful will endure.  Both sides of the impasse are happy and the American public is overjoyed.  There truly is nothing scarier than not knowing if the essence of the American spirit, ingenuity, talent and importance would get this chance at such a late hour.  Surely this agreement will go down in history as the epitome of differing factions agreeing for the common good.  That IS America.

Yes Siree Becky: we got football back.  God Bless America.  So what if we might not have a country left.  Come Sundays, we can throw ourselves into what really matters —- that old pigskin game of pass and kick.  Oh wait: that’s the game our Congress has been playing for months now.  Perhaps the NFL negotiators should step in and teach our government officials exactly how to punt.  On second thought, I think our esteemed elected officials are doing just fine in that department.



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