Maine Haystacks and Farms

I am up in the north woods and lucky enough to have my son also here.  He always takes me to the most interesting places.  Today, we visited the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  Last year, this cutting edge arts school celebrated its 50th anniversary.  Of course, having Chuck by my side, we found the architectural history to be fascinating.  The school’s setting is perfect and the architecture fits right into the surrounding nature.

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.

Shingles and nature.

The bell tower calling all artists.

The grasses, mosses and forests are a work of art unto themselves.

The Four Season Farm is only ten minutes from our house.  It is  wonderful in its philosophy and produce.  The carrots taste like candy.

The flowers at the Four Season Farm are as delicious as the produce.

Wool felted puppets at the farm's little art gallery.

Sunny perfection.

All in all, a pretty perfect day between the haystacks and farms.

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