Schumer: Dignified Dirt

As if the real crises America faces aren’t serious enough, our Congress has chosen to make themselves the issue at hand.  They are self-serving entities unto themselves.  Our unemployment rate is the highest it has been since the Depression, our housing industry is under water, our infrastructure is crumbling, our concern for a livable climate is non-existent, our deficit is at record levels, and all these idiots talk about is the deal they personally want to pass for their own legacy.

I was watching Chuck Schumer being interviewed by MSNBC.  His one talking point was that the Senate’s plan was the “best one”.  He threw in all this “analysis” of our system of government and why compromise is the only solution, albeit very difficult.  The American electorate is sick and tired about hearing about procedural snags as an obstruction to fixing our problems.  These great leaders love to quote chapter and verse of how our divided government works, yet avoid at all costs the difficult political decisions that are required to make the government work at all.  Schumer thought he was such a dignified, wise, old man of the party by speaking in generalities about our form of government instead of fulfilling his duties.  Dignified?  No way.  A pompous Senator substituting grand political discourse for avoiding his job duties —- yes.  The whole gist of his interview was an advertisement for Schumer.

Despite Schumer’s effectiveness in amassing votes both at the polls for other Demcratic candidates and within the Senate, he was, in this interview today, a Senator as full of hot air as any Republican.  It was the Emperor’s new clothes all over again.  How dare these politicians, who are so filled with interest in themselves, take so long to make these crucial deficit decisions?  They have had months to hammer out this agreement and used that time to play politics.  The fun and games of the last four months might have provided Congress with chilling, daring risks the closer they got to the debt ceiling deadline of August 2nd.  Can’t they get their thrills elsewhere, without risking the viability of an entire nation?

They may have very well past the critical period for a solution.  They just might have pushed themselves over the point of no return.  The stock market has been down 400 points over the last three days and still, this is not enough of a warning sign for these self-absorbed officials to sacrifice their personal political power for the greater good of our country.  Now they want another short-term deal to take us up to the 2012 elections, hoping for a change in the make-up of Congress and once again, avoiding responsibility by banking on a wish and a prayer that there will be a consensus in another year.  Meanwhile, our nation is in the toilet and its credit rating will most probably be downgraded.  There is no respect or love of country here on the part of our leaders; there is only concern and love for themselves.

At this point, even his fellow Democrats are urging President Obama to activate the Fourteenth Amendment.  I know my President can sit on the fence pretty good, but I do believe that he will take charge of the debt-ceiling issue.  Face it:  whether the President has to go it alone or with some kind of Congressional compromise, the blame will be all Obama’s.  As wishy-washy and pragmatic as he can be sometimes, I think he will do what needs to be done.  I only wish that he would add a huge F*** You to the whole country.

Apparently, Robert Reich feels the same despair and anger that besets me.  He is quite harsh in his words for President Obama.  I understand his intent, but I am not yet convinced of his premise.  Not yet, but I could get there any day now.

I am pissed as Hell.  This financial volatility is totally self-imposed.  Regular Americans are going to take it on their chins, whether their financial security is threatened or their social safety net is damaged, while our elected officials tease and then pull back in their game of Russian roulette.  This approach-avoidance behavior is poison for the country, despite being so tantalizing for our Congressmen.  Let them get tantalized elsewhere.  They will have to get their jollies by risking their own lives, not ours.

The debt ceiling must be raised.  Without  a bond market, there is no equity market.  Congress is playing with fire here and the most ironic part is that the bond market is the epitome of Republicanism.  Congress  has manufactured this crisis by their failure to act and as a result, their interests will take a beating.  Bondfire of the vanities.  Citizens, cities, states, our international standing and good name will all fall due to the stupidity and risky machinations of our revered Congress.  Is all of this chaos, calamity and catastrophe worth it just so the GOP can oust Barack Obama from office?  The GOP seems to think so.  Their political calculations have priority over the financial and moral demands of our nation.  Talk about a bondfire.  Talk about vanities.

However mad as hell as I am, I know as our Congress knows even better, that there ain’t a damn thing that I can do to assuage my anger.  The voting booth holds just so much sway.  Besides, the devil you know really is better than the devil you do not know.  Ask Schumer.  Little snot.


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