Maine: By Sea and By Land

Movin' on up. I almost drove off the side of the road when I saw this sign on a house.

We had a great day of sailing. Puffy clouds, bright sun and a good wind. Sinbad and his Mama had a day to remember.

Colossal clouds, yet weightless.

Sinbad the Sailorman.

Although looking ominous, these clouds stayed "nice."

All hands on deck.

Pirates ahoy! Where's Johnny Depp?

Back on land, the wonders never cease.

Endless mounds of hydrangeas.

The blue color is unbelievable.

Plain weeds glowing in morning's first light.

My wildflowers never disappoint.

A gateway of roses.

Day's end, last light.

And a rainbow appeared after the rains at dusk. Perfect end to a perfect day.

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4 Responses to “Maine: By Sea and By Land”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    yomama and Sinbad make a great team…AWESOME pics…so glad that you have MAINE!!!!!!!

  2. linzany Says:

    yomama – did you know that “movin’ on up” was my solo when the brownies had a mockapella group which exclusively sang tv theme songs from the 80’s and early 90’s? i was motivated to choose this song because when i was five years old my sister and i were horsing around, mimicing a pillow fight we saw on an episode of the jeffereson’s when i hit my front tooth on the wooden arm of the sofa. the (permanent) tooth turned black and i had to get stitches in my mouth. it was a tramatic experience but i still think of the show fondly.
    also the photos of you and sinbad are fantastic!! i wish i could have been out there with you!! xoxo

  3. NatalieR Says:

    GATEWAY of ROSES — GORGEOUS. We were in the Cape Cod elbow but I could not get pics like that even though I tried on my crummy cell which takes lousy pics. There was beauty all around. FABULOUS blue hydrangeas everywhere. The ocean was very choppy with lots of white caps…I love those but you can’t swim when it’s like that. It makes the ocean awesome…the next day — total calm and gorgeous white sand! My partner loved Yoga on the Cape Cod seashore while I watched … Even at 9:30 a.m. the sun was megga hot — I was not a happy camper as stupid me brought no water naturally. High maintenance me loves 72 degrees and a cool breeze anything hotter and I become a kvetch. How does anyone stand me? Damned if I know. Both of you look great!

    Went to Provincetown too — Great eating, fun and the usual cast of non traditional characters — I’m being nice. The guys in fishnets, tons of makeup, 6 inch heels and mini (and I do mean mini) skirts make me wonder how anyone can deal walking in those heels! Live and let live is our motto of course but I cannot help thinking what my father would say! He wouldn’t say anything he’d just faint 🙂

  4. yomamaforobama Says:

    Your comment is ten times better and funnier than my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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