A Magnetic Attraction for Quirkiness

In my post from April 3, 2011, “The Latest, the Greatest, It’s the Library”, one of the topics on which I touch is the quirky library regulars who, without failure, have the weirdest personal idiosyncracies.  I find it equally weird that I seem to be a magnet for attracting these characters.  My son Chuck and I giggle constantly about this state of affairs.

The other day, Chuck had to run me over to my doctor’s office.  In the waiting room, there was an elderly man asleep, clearly waiting for his wife to finish up her appointment.  We sat down, relaxed for a while, when all of a sudden this man lets out the loudest, ugliest snore you ever heard.  Chuck and I just looked at each other and promptly left the waiting room to go into the hall.  Once we were out of hearing distance, we absolutely lost it — on the floor hysterically laughing.   I said to Chuck that I bet he thought I was making up all of those stories about the characters I have observed regularly at the library.  I said, “What is it about me that I attract these people so frequently?”  We calmed ourselves down and went back into the waiting room, where the same process was repeated  two more times.  We managed to keep ourselves under control.


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  1. squiggidy Says:

    I am laughing out loud!!!

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