The Squire and the Marvelous Mike

Today, August 28, 2011 is a RED letter day.  Mark it down in your diaries, history annals, love stories of all time, Facebook pages, Tweeter, Twitter, Titters and Titties.  We are being given yet one more chance of doing something right and long-lasting.  An extraordinary human being , Squiggidy the Squire (SS), is taking her marriage vows today.  The other half of the equation, the groom, is Marvelous Mike (MM).  I do not know MM very well.  However knowing what an intelligent, humane, guileless person SS is, I, in a heartbeat, know that MM is right up there with SS in terms being a worthy person.

The first time I met the bride and groom was at my Obama blowout party during the inauguration weekend.  Besides marking a historical occasion that might occur once in a century, this party, and a am totally bragging, was the best party I ever made.  I had only invited those people in my life whom I love and worked their tails off for President Obama’s election.

Anyway, SS and MM had just starting dating.  You know I am a people watcher and despite the magic of any new relationship, I saw that this match was going to be forever.  I have never seen anyone look so adoring at his significant other than MM did with SS.  It was sight to behold and treasure.   MM was always there right next to SS, a physical closeness.  But it wasn’t that type of attention where you want to scream, “Get a room!”.  It was unadulterated appreciation of having the honor in being in the presence of SS, who clearly deserved all the love and admiration that a decent, just, principled, totally altruistic person deserves.  SS does not embody one iota of nastiness, meanness, deceit or cunning.

Having had no intention whatsoever of getting on my soapbox for this post, some things just cannot be avoided.  My self-control is greatly lacking.  I apologize.  You all know that there is so much insanity, corruption and selfishness in this world, from global and national governments, to greed as one’s ultimate life accomplishment, to corporate, religious fraud and crime, theft and a blatant void of morality, personal honor and justice.  The only remedy is to bring babies into this world and from Day One, no matter how tedious, physically exhausting and constantly demanding it is to raise a child with values and standards, it must be done., and it must be done  constantly and repetitively.  Our children are the most basic building block to a decent life on this planet.  In fact, the proper rearing of children is the only hope for the continuance of our world.  Period.  Okay: off of my soapbox.

With every ounce of love and admiration I have in me for these two special people getting married today, they elate me even further because I am positive that they will raise new human beings to be on the side of angels and give us the opportunity to create the kind of world we all deserve.

To SS and MM, have a blast today and always take care of each other and your offspring because the world depends on that more than you can envision.  Much joy on this momentous day.


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  1. squiggidy Says:

    this is SO touching…. THANK YOU

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