October In Bloom

It’s a beautiful fall day and I am returning from the pumpkin patch.  I love Halloween and selecting my pink, blue, warty, humongous and teenie-weenie gourds.  This year however, I tried something new.  With My Wishmaster and her two little Wish Fairies whom, so very kindly, did all the driving and entertainment, I went to our local farm and lookie what we found:

It's almost Halloween! Party your gourds out, yes indeedy!

From sea or from land?

Halloween in glass.

Swan song.

Still life ----- or real?


Thanks for always coming back to this site.  Talk soon.

Special thanks to the Wishmaster and her Wish Fairies who gave me a spectacular fall day.

3 Responses to “October In Bloom”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    I think the pumpkins are adorable!

    The thing I love about fall is the colors AND honey crisp apples.

    Sue me though, I hate, loathe and detest Halloween. I think it’s stupid–there is a religious compoent to it in reality,
    I resent having to pay a fortune for candy and have my dinner interrupted and I hate the door bell constantly ringing and I don’t care about the cutesy kids. If I turn out my lights someone will spray shaving cream on my car or worse. I am a mean son-of-a *&^% aren’t I? Well okay I can be I admit it. That’s how I feel and coming back from a fight with Verizon colors my moment. I’ll get over it.

    HOWEVER, Yo mama is TALENTED as hell, knows how to arrange plants and make them look gorgeous, takes unbelievably beautiful pictures of nature … so in that way KUDOS!! 🙂

  2. Rose Kauffman Says:

    Love these photos and the image of you and your wishmaster having a fabulous fall day.

    I love Fall too. My very most favorite season.

    Love and joy to you.

  3. amy lilley Says:

    YoMama’s pictures are simply beauteous…love love love the white pumpkin…and the glass pieces are AMAZING…we too, have had some gorgeous Autumn days…Jimmy and I walked in Roger Williams Park for over an hour late yesterday afternoon…so happy that your Wishmaster and her 2 Wish Fairies made the trip to your local farm so memorable…love love love

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