Yo Mama for Obama is a 60-year-old mama of two grown kidz. College grad, M.Ed, teacher, stockbroker and bookkeeper. Of the liberal persuasion politically, but definitely fiscally conservative. Loves the fine arts. Loves to vacuum.  A lot.

The opportunity we have with Barack Obama has never presented itself before in my lifetime. During the last 4 years (if not longer) I became totally disgusted with all elected politics. However, when Obama arrived, my passion for effectiveness in government, honesty, intellect resurfaced. This man is worth a shot. I can not keep my mouth shut about this. We need him and the times are calling for exactly him.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. James Foster Says:

    I am an Independent with one issue and one issue only. That issue is health-care costs. I will vote for Obama. McCain’s solution, at least to me, is a joke.

  2. Cameron Felder Says:

    dearest bondawg,
    you go mama! i am voting obama.
    have enjoyed reading.

  3. Neal Ubich Says:

    You are an absolute moron! Take your half-breed and all the other liberal, democrat, pole-smoking fags and go straight to hell!!!

    • yomamaforobama Says:

      Two things are quite obvious from your comment:
      1. You are aptly named “stupid.”
      2. Apparently you are already living in your own misanthropic Hell.

      Love right back at ya’,
      Yo Mama

  4. Chad Finer Says:

    working my way thru the site…like what you have to say…I think my wife will like it to as she has a very similar outlook…thanks

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