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Keeping Current

June 10, 2010

Hello everyone.  My laptop has crashed but hopefully will be working by tomorrow afternoon.  I have photos from Brooklyn to post, but alas, my technological shortcomings make it impossible for me to download my pics anywhere other than my own laptop.  In the meantime, here are some thoughts on current events.  Start with reading this article about the incessant blaming of President Obama for all of our woes:

My comments on the Helen Thomas fiasco are as follows.  At first, I thought her opinion that the Jews should leave Palestine (Gaza) wasn’t too far off base.  After all, why do the Israeli’s insist on occupying that one tiny piece of land that hates them?  Yeah, yeah, I know: security dictates that they protect themselves.  Nevertheless, then I read all of what Thomas spewed and man oh Manishewitz, was she ever off base.  She said that the Jews should go back to Poland and Germany.  Does she remember that they were not welcomed there and that 6 million were slaughtered there?  I think her age finally caught up with her.  Or perhaps, her beliefs are prejudiced.  Not every anti-Israel statement is antisemitic, although the majority probably are.  I just read a story in the Washington Post today about a Jewish young woman who is fighting for peace, even if it means that she protest on the side of Israel’s enemies.  But Thomas certainly ended her career with a negative bomb.  Still and yet, her career is not to be tainted or lessened because of these outrageous, final comments.

Jon Stewart had some funny thoughts on the Thomas affair.  Even more hysterical though, is his analysis of the political goings-on in the state of South Carolina:

Until we meet again and my computer is repaired, I hope the above reading and viewing will keep you occupied.