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The More Things Change …..

September 29, 2010

….. the more they stay the same.

I am in a very black mood.  Look out.  I feel like my mother when she was in her eighties and she commented on the ways of the world, “This is a world going crazy.  I am not long for this world.”  Just a note: she did manage to live a solid ten years more, despite the lunacy.  This is exactly the way I feel lately: unbalanced, shocked and in disbelief of many events.

Very locally, there is a burglar in our part of the county that has hit over 80 targets in the last few months.  Last night, he hit nine neighbors within two blocks of my house.  He breaks into not only houses, but also cars, two from which he stole a couple of guns.  To add insult to injury about this scary turn of events, why can’t the NRA and its devoted followers lock up their guns?  Why does their lackadaisical ownership have to put the rest of us in danger?

Also locally, the plague of stinkbugs has invaded.  No real harm, just a creepy nuisance.

Then, on a grander scale, the absurdity is awesome.  If I didn’t witness the insanity myself, I would have never believed that Lady Gaga gave the best speech of the year, Bristol Palin is shaking her booty on “Dancing With the Stars,” and populist political candidates are gaining leverage in their pursuit of public office by stealing from their campaign chest and lying about their educational credentials — and that their constituents are falling in line and voting for those candidates.

The GOP’s and Tea Party’s accusations of socialism by our current administration is even more ridiculous.  The poverty rate is climbing and the gap between the wealthy and middle class is drastically widening .  To me, these trends signify exactly what the conservatives want, i.e. the increasing power of the rich, without a care in the world for those with less.  It is completely the opposite of socialism.  Shoot: President Obama is delivering  exactly what they want on a silver platter.  Why do they hate him so much still?

Was my mother right?  Has the world lost its mind or have I just lost my sense of humor?  I feel like an alien, living in a world of fallacies and absurdity.  Is this a symptom of the crazy uncertainty that President Obama is currently facing, or is it just lunacy?  I understand that the only certainty in life is uncertainty, but does that exclude limits on decorum, ethics and a modicum of good taste?

Thus, black as night is my mood.  I have debated whether or not I should include the following in one of my posts.  I decided to stoop to the lowest common denominator.  Let me have this luxury just once, and I promise that I will not do it again:

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.