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No Z’s for Suzie; Lots of Z’s for Gaga

September 21, 2010

Pity the poor, pathetic senator from Maine, Susan Collins.  With the Senate’s vote on DADT imminent, the Democrats are one vote shy of successfully repealing this insulting, rights-infringing policy of our military.  Collins is going to have a hell of a hard time sleeping at night after she casts her do-not-repeal vote.  Although she is absolutely in favor of doing away with this policy, calling it unfair and morally indefensible”, today’s vote will not have her vote to repeal.

Why?  Because she is exacting an eye for an eye in protest of Harry Reid’s action to shut down a chance for the GOP senators to discuss other issues in the contemplation of this defense bill.  I find it unfathomable that Collins could ignore the constitutional rights and issues of fairness for our soldiers, millions of Americans who put their lives on the line, with one single vote of her hand all for the cause of fighting for a procedural item.  Would Collins hold that her vote is nothing personal against gay people?  She wouldn’t dare: designating gays as second class citizens is very personal.  In fact, it is about as personal as you can get.

This is what kills me: why can’t our elected officials simply vote on the issue at hand, vote their hearts and minds on the SPECIFIC proposal?  Instead, deals, agendas and earmarks always come to be the deciding factors in the debate.  What ever happened to following the guidelines of their job descriptions, i.e. to legislate  for the people?  I doubt very much that their oaths of office include the idea that they should legislate for the people only if there is something to be gained for the office holder.  Is their intelligence and depth of purpose so shallow that they cannot focus on the actual proposal on the table?

It is equally amazing to me that people like Collins find it acceptable to have our gay and lesbian soldiers die for our country but not be able to publicly voice their own sexual orientation.  Dying is okay; living honestly and openly is not.  This is why Collins is not going to be able to sleep well.  This stance is an affront to humanity at its most basic level, that of personhood.

Lady Gaga has come across my radar screen only as a passing media darling, and I never considered her “darling or gave her any thought at all.  Yesterday, the glorious Gaga gave a fifteen minute speech in Maine supporting the repeal of DADT.  In short, her words took my breath away.  Never, EVER judge a book by its cover alone.  Listen to this speech:

One is never too old to open their minds and learn something new.  Kudos to Gaga for her words yesterday.  She said what was in her heart and mind and she said it directly, involving no deals, no trade-offs.

So Senator Collins, good luck trying to catch some Z’s tonight.  Lady Gaga is going to sleep like a baby.