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April 19, 2009

Is the New York Times reading Yo Mama?  Today’s editorial regarding torture eerily echoes my thought of yesterday’s post “C’mon Baby, Let’s Do the Twist.”  This is a succinct must-read:

I would like to believe that the Times is just responding to such heinous, government sanctioned, and then twistedly rationalized, crimes as the rest of us sane, moral people have —- with outrage and a call for the heads of those Justice Department thugs, Pentagon pimps and the evil triumvirate of Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush.  This time though, we need to start cutting at the TOP first, instead of wasting time and resources on the lowly, trashy, thrill-seeking plebes like Lynndie England.

My assessment from yesterday’s post, i.e. “a new world order can not come into being unless we deal with the atrocities of the OLD world order”, is identical to today’s Times editorial main thrust, i.e. “until Americans and their leaders fully understand the rules the Bush administration concocted to justify such abuses — and who set the rules and who approved them — there is no hope of fixing a profoundly broken system of justice and ensuring that that these acts are never repeated.”  Despite President Obama’s full plate, our nation MUST now undertake the process to right these horrible wrongs.

As if the acts of torture  weren’t bad enough, the rancid Bush Administration then sought out language that would justify these acts.  The only thing is though, there is no justification in the entire world for this type of horror.  So of course, the reflection, as evil as it is, comes right back to us — you, me, Bybee, Yoo, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush— and even to President Obama —  if he chooses to bury this chapter in our recent history rather than prosecute.

To do otherwise, to ignore what came before, is to doom our future and what can come after.