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No Surprise Here

April 20, 2009

When Hamid Karzai said he would tell the clergy to “revise” the marital rape law, did I say in my post of last night, “Run Like the Wind”, that he is living in a fantasy world?  Did I mention that to turn over civil law to an extremist sect will have no good ending?  You bet I said those things, and look what is reported today in the lead article in the Washington Post:

Yuk!  It is beyond belief that this madman first of all signed into law, admittedly WITHOUT READING ITS ARTICLES FIRST, this discriminatory and abusive policy. Then to add insult to injury, he turned over the revision of this law to the very group of extremists that perpetuate this sexual injustice. What do you think are the chances that this revision will actually take place? Such cowardice from Karzai and Zardari (in Pakistan).  Bottom line: Karzai is intimidated and scared out of his mind by the Taliban, who killed his father in 1999.  Zardari, the husband of the slain Benazir Bhutto, would not have even dreamed of being the President of Pakistan had it not been for his wife.  And what of religion?  This is yet another example of the using “God” to persecute people, of yellow-bellied men hiding behind religious dogma.  It is their inherent weakness that is the real culprit.

Where are you world?  It is time to speak out.

Run Like the Wind

April 19, 2009

I apologize for bringing up yet once again President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.  After viewing the video below, I am still dumbfounded.  When asked about the Shariah law that he signed off on last week that allows marital rape, and please, correct me if I am wrong, I believe that I heard Karzai say that this particular law will be revised “BY THE CLERGY” to be in accordance with the Afghan constitution. isn’t that like asking the Nazis to rule on religious freedom?  He admitted to actually NOT reading the law before he signed it.  Additionally, the journalist Zakaria then questions Karzai about the upsurge in the Taliban.  To save my life, I swear that I can not make hay out of his response.

It is apparent to me that Karzai doesn’t know his ass from his elbow.  No?  This is NOT a language problem, but a disconnect of a few key phrases that, when stringed together, make no sense at all.  Perhaps too much opium intake?  He could not make any of his thoughts coherent, but nevertheless, wasn’t he the picture of sartorial splendor?  His words were bullsh**, but he sure did look good.

Heaven help us.  This is the country we are depending on to quash Al Qaeda and capture bin Laden?  If Karzai is our best bet as an ally in fighting terrorism, we need to run as fast and as far away from Afghanistan as we can.

C’mon Baby, Let’s Do The Twist

April 18, 2009

It never ceases to amaze me the way politicians, and especially world “leaders”, twist the truth so that it fits in perfectly with their own special interests.  Words are powerful and people are stupid.  The higher the office, the greater the charade.

Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, is becoming masterful in the ways of deception.  In support of the recent tea bag parties, he has called for Texas to possibly secede from our Union.  These tea bag protests are plain and simple, a response to the GOP’s paralysis in coming up with any meaningful alternatives to President Obama’s policies and popularity.  As the time grows closer that the top 5% of wage-earning Americans will see their tax bills rise (never mind that 95% of Americans will see their taxes decline), the tea baggers are all incendiary bluff with no underlying substance to their protest.  Gail Collins of the New York Times, in one of her better columns, hit the nail right on the head this time:

For the Republican party, Rick Perry and the tea baggers, I have but two words: SOUR GRAPES. Furthermore, their deception in using our Constitutional values, such as freedom and justice for all, to fulfill their own greedy, selfish purposes, is despicable.  Twist baby, twist.

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld also used their own self interests to thwart not only our national but also the civilized world’s international legal code of ethics.  This issue of torture will not go away, nor should it.  Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, the many rendition sites and the use of illegal tactics here on our own soil are the ultimate treason to the ideals on which our country was founded.  This judge Jay S. Bybee, whom during the early years of the Iraq war was a member of the Office of Legal Counsel (a body of constitutional experts that offers advice to the President), is now a federal appeals court judge.  Yeah, right: reward the bastard for nipping and tucking the verbiage of illegal executive branch decisions so that it all appears legal.  Only in America can torturers, judges and lawmakers, not to mention the President, twist the legal lingo to supposedly offer a basis for their decisions.  Only the great United States of America would be interested in supplying a legal basis for their atrocious and immediate acts.   Surely this upholds our honor to the Constitution.  What happened to abiding by the actual content of the Constitution?  Twist baby, twist.

Anyway, here is an article from the Washington Post that will explain the evil goings-on in the Bush administration’s efforts of “balancing” security and monstrous torture:

Andrew Sullivan goes even further in his disgust with the “banality of evil”:

No one speaks to an issue better than Sullivan.  The sick irony of this situation is that Bybee, with the advice and consent of Bush, ruled on the acceptance and legality of various torture methods AS IF there was any moral basis for any of them!  Bottom line: there is no law or rationale in the universe that would sustain inhuman torture.  Twist baby, twist.

Finally, that ideal example of international enlightened leadership, Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, is being faced with protests from women who — oh my!— will not abide by the law Karzai signed off on last week to make marital sex mandatory, i.e. marital rape.  As I stated in my previous post, “The Pecker Wars”, Karzai okayed this aspect of Sharia law because he is trying to amass votes for the upcoming August election.  I stated that he would be appealing to half of his population, i.e. the men, with this measure.  I stand corrected; the Shia population of Afghanistan is only 20%.  That makes Karzai’s intentions even more degrading and desperate.  Was this an action to titillate the sex lives of tired marriages, or is it an effort to spice up Karzai’s electoral base?  Did I miss something here?  Since when has violence and rape been “sexy” and legislatively permissible?  He has since said, on Thursday in a CNN interview, that he will have the Shia Muslim clergy revise that law so that it will be in agreement with Afghan constitutional law.  Mr. Karzai: make believe I am from Missouri.   SHOW ME.  The true test of Karzai’s intentions will come in the courts and then the world will see if the Afghan constitution overrides the sectarian, inhumane Shariah law.  Twist baby, twist.

I am proud of the immense progress President Obama has made during his first almost 100 days in office.  If I have but one critical complaint, it is on the topic of human rights.  When Secretary of State Clinton visited China right after the inauguration, no mention of human rights was made.  Similarly, the administration has been publicly (could they be working on this in private?) silent on the recent events in Afghanistan and Pakistan regarding women’s civil and human rights.  Also, no mention of human rights was made this week by Obama when he cracked the door ajar to relations with Cuba.  It is still early days.  I am patient though, and have confidence that President Obama will deal with the very basic issues of human existence that he truly believes in.

Do I think that his ruling this week, not to hold those military personnel responsible for delivering the torture legally accountable, to be correct?  Surprisingly, at this juncture, I do.  If  Eric Holder and the Justice Department were to bring charges against these servicemen and women, there would be absolutely NO EXCUSE not to go after the depraved individuals who gave those orders, namely, at the top of the pyramid, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.  I think Obama is still on the fence about this mainly because he wants to spend his time on a new world order to fix what ails us.  Eventually, he is going to have to come to the conclusion that a new world order can not come into being unless we deal with the atrocities of the OLD world order.

Until that time, the arena of public opinion will be key in how this scenario plays out.  However, I do not believe there will be a huge outcry against the evil Bush triumvirate because the average American does not care enough about global principles of right and wrong.  Their apathy is realistically based on their time-constrained efforts to make a living and meet the often hard tasks of daily living.  Not an excuse, just an observation.

The black stain of deliberately miscommunicating, of altering the facts to fit whatever current situation in which we find ourselves, is an abomination.  It is especially harmful when our leaders participate in this sham.  In fact, it is outright lying.  Twist baby, twist.