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Red Letter Day For The Blues

September 23, 2010

Today some very important new rules on health care go into effect.  This landmark day will only go to prove that we lost big when we did not get a public option.

Supposedly, as of this day, insurers are to provide insurance for ALL children, whether well or very ill.  There are (at least) two problems with this new regulation.  First, it concerns children, and lo and behold, America has often treated their children as their most expendable resources.  They do not have the vote.  Thus, we can use them as touchy-feelie campaign pawns, but when it comes time to deliver, they usually get nada.  Secondly, since our insurers are all private, faced with no real competition, if they choose not to implement new regulations, they are so entitled.  Aetna, Wellpoint and Cigna  have opted out of providing policies for sick children.  Case closed.  If these for-profit companies deem the new government guidelines as detrimental to their own financial health, they just abandon the market.

It truly is a red letter day for the Blues.  Instead of respecting and implementing the letter of the law, our private insurers use the loopholes to avoid the law.  If we ever do get decent health care coverage, it is going to take decades, despite the new law.  In true American fashion and selfish independence, it appears that the system must be dismantled before it is put back together.  First the insurers have to try to make an end-run around the new regulations: figure five to eight years.  Then, perhaps outrage will play a role, and real reform may occur: figure another eight to ten years.  This entire process could have been sped up by initiating a public option at the get-go.  However, that is not the way America works.

As a result, America has a lot more suffering to do, which is also a characteristic of the good old US of A.  The bitching and moaning is very dear to Americans and they want to hold on to that more than they want decent health care and coverage.  The number of uninsured Americans has crossed over the fifty million mark and poverty has increased at an alarming rate.  Childhood poverty is over twenty percent now.

And yet, today marks an upswing in avoidance measures rather than fixative actions.  This is not pragmatism; this is insanity.  This red letter day is going to kick all Americans right in their sad, blue asses.