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After The Fall: Reversal of Thought

April 4, 2011

I apologize in advance of your reading for my crassness, insensitivity and downright ugliness contained in this post.  Unfortunately, this side of me came out due to a little mishap last Thursday and was beyond my control.  I was in my bathroom applying lotion to my leg, which I had raised to rest on the vanity counter.  Actually, my leg was in the top, open drawer of the vanity.  As I was thinking to my self, showing my cocky side, “Pretty agile for a sixty-year-old,” my foot got stuck in the drawer and I fell backwards.  In the five seconds it took me to hit ground, I was pleading with the Fates to please not allow my hip to fracture.  I went down pretty hard on my hip, but that was the easy part.  I went down even harder on my head.  I was so tangled up in the drawer that I could not even use my arms or hands to break the drop.  It was a complete free-fall smack dab on my noggin.

When my head hit the tile, my husband came running in because he thought the loud noise was one of the six-foot mirrors falling to the floor.  I had quite a bump but applying ice really worked on the swelling.  I was never unconscious, nor my pupils blown, nor my motor abilities and speech impaired.  I did feel though, like I was run over by a Mack truck.  The most amazing effect of this accident was that I got up off the floor and lo and behold, I was transformed into a Republican!

What was I thinking when I dubbed myself Yo Mama For Obama?  NOT!  Just who is this upstart Barack Obama?  And how in all tarnation did he ever get to be our President?  His humble background, having a single, working mother and a set of grandparents who often stepped in and aided with his upbringing, is definitely not worthy of an American President.  His top-notch education credentials belie his real place in our society and can even be considered “elitist.”  His devotion and fidelity to his wife and daughters smacks of the low-class environment in which he was raised.  Certainly those champions of the GOP, Senator John Ensign, former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and the venerable New Gingrich, ascribe more highly to American leadership roles, even with their philandering, than does our President.  Who is this Darkie in our White House and what can we do to get him to vacate it?

The answer, my conservative friends, is “anything we have to.”  The liberal plaint that the GOP is, at the heart of their philosophy, racist is hogwash.  Our GOP mantra has always been based squarely on free market principles.  The government should engage in as little influence and interference in the pursuit of domestic policies.  Our trademark platform item is “do not disturb.”  If we allow the military-industrial complex to work its magic naturally, all will be fine in the end.  In regard to foreign policy, the GOP are firm believers that the more warlike and aggressive we become, the bigger the benefits to our domestic situation.  The military complex feeds the U.S. corporate structure which, in turn, fills our pockets with wonderful spoils.  Maybe, just maybe, some of that lucre just might trickle down to that lazy middle class.  But probably not.  Too bad, so sad.

So yes, the GOP will do anything it has to in order to oust this uppity President from office.  Take our recent foray into Libya.  Obama dithered for way too long before committing troops.  His constant thinking about things is just so useless.  Finally, he joined the efforts of an international coalition to help out the Libyan rebels.  Stupid move.  He should have gone gangbusters into Libya on a unilateral mission instead of just being a coalition member.  That is what our last President did in Iraq and we have had ten glorious years of military and corporate growth.  In fact, that esteemed Congressman Tom Marino (R-PA) who sits on the Foreign Affairs Committee, bested the dithering complaint one better.  Marino said, after Obama did commit troops to the Libyan effort, “If we go into Libya, where does it stop?  Do we go into Africa next?”  His grasp of the geopolitical situation is deep, much more sensitive and enlightening than the foreign affairs knowledge that Obama supposedly embodies.

On the domestic scene, the GOP, Tea Party and even those Libertarians are hitting home with me.  Thank Heavens my head injury brought me to my senses.  The above mentioned conservative groups hold firm in their belief that if government leaves society alone, society will thrive.  That philosophy, albeit initially based on a Utopian society of maybe, at most, a few thousand people, is definitely applicable to our current population of 350 million citizens.  No diff.  In the discipline of physics, those principles that apply to the largest scale, like the universe and its makeup, often do not apply to particles on an atomic scale.  Just goes to show you the value of scientific thought and the credence you can attach to such fatuous nonsense.  What is good for one is good for all.  Period. 

People need to rely on themselves.  They need to make it or not on their own.  If we provide the impetus for military and corporate growth, which must include a minimal amount of regulatory restrictions, wealth and prosperity will naturally follow.  Additionally, the tax rate of the wealthy must be kept permanently at its current low level.  If not, than how would our economy be stimulated?  Revenues, shmevenues.  We do not need higher taxes; we need no taxes.  Granted, sometimes these economic booms can get a little dirty, but that is totally because of the entitlements that the middle class expects.  Most of our financial problems would be moot if we did not have to pay the ridiculous salaries and benefits to our working class citizens.  Here is a list of budget-cutting suggestions that our Democrat fools think is worth considering:

Likewise, what many freaking liberals call the GOP’s empty platform is just a realistic approach to the complexity  and size of our nation.  Why bother with setting policy when the whole kit and caboodle is too large to manage anyway?  It is so much more voter-friendly to turn fiscal matters into issues of faith.  Strict evangelism is the answer.  We know it is virtually impossible to legislate fiscal matters, so our way, i.e. to legislate morality, OUR morality, is the sensible path.  This is exactly what my wonderful colleagues, the 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls, are doing.  Abortion, single-sex marriage, prayer in the schools, workers’ rights and other topical social issues have taken the forefront in their pursuit of the highest office in the land.  And well they should!  Why should Republicans waste their time on intricate, time-consuming and voter-alienating policies when God and morality can be substituted for freedom and justice?  God is real.  Justice is optional.

This political foray into the faith-based territory is our only hope.  God helps those who help themselves.  Tough titties.  If I was still a Democrat, I would have said the more milquetoast “Tough toenails.”  But since my head bump, that is history.  While we are at it, let me also add that those icons of conservative thought, Palin and Bachmann, are two sweet pieces of ass.  You do not see any Democrats who look so good and talk so authoritatively. Are they ever correct: who needs a consistent, definitive foreign policy or a fair domestic program that provides for a social safety net, offers our children a decent education, repairs our aging and pathetic infrastructure or makes sure that all of our citizens have access to affordable health care?  Who the hell cares if our environment will remain healthy enough to sustain human life?  I am on this earth for maybe another thirty years max.  I figure that our world will be around for that long.  After that, after I am gone, it is not my concern.  Future generations are going to have to take care of themselves.  Paul Krugman, that dunce of a Nobel laureate, writes in the New York Times today on precisely this alarmist, inconvenient subject of environmentally safeguarding our planet.  These scare tactics do not faze me one iota.  A la Palin and Bachmann, all we need are two-parent families, Sunday church-going and the freedom to make the minimum wage.  The trade-off of fiscal issues for social issues is definitely the way to go.

I am thrilled by my new conservative outlook.  I embrace the axiom that God will take care of everything.  Just look at his success in New Orleans after Katrina hit.  George W. and Brownie couldn’t even approximate the miracles of God.  Thus, they didn’t even try.  Now have a look at the pastor Terry Jones, the wise, peace-loving man of the cloth who burned the Koran last week, thus setting off a murderous reaction in Afghanistan.  I commend Jones for his devotion to his religion, his willingness to exercise his freedom of speech despite the consequences and his condemnation of the entire religion of Islam, which we have observed is made up of people who look different from us, dress weirdly, pray to a different God and are 100 per cent responsible (every last Muslim) for terrorist endeavors throughout the world.  His candor, refusal to kowtow to a renegade religion and his willingness to act on those beliefs, even at the cost of international violence, are to be admired.  Go pastor Jones: let’s bury those camel jockeys, once and for all.

I am so enjoying this freedom to revel in my newly found conservatism. It is like a breath of fresh air.  I hope as my nausea, aches and pains from my fall subside, my newly developed social and political orthodoxy will persist.  It is quite liberating.

Who am I kidding?  I was going to make this post the first in a series of three.  I cannot go on with this charade.  No matter how uncomfortable were the injuries from my fall, they do not compare to the agita and imbalance I have felt while researching and writing this post.  If I should develop a brain bleed in the near future, know two things: first, I am too old for them to say that I died too young and second, let it be known that I died a very happy Democrat.  True blue.  Yo Mama For Obama, YES!  Forever and ever.

The GOP: Empty as a Pocket

March 6, 2011

The Republican Party, as ever but especially with regard to having a viable candidate for the 2012 Presidential election, is empty as a pocket. The obvious choices, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, have nothing to offer the electorate.  Instead, they harp on reversing the legislative accomplishments of the Obama administration.  This is the epitome of not addressing the present and the future, but living in the past.  This is government wishing and working towards a time that has come and gone.  This is the GOP barring any semblance of innovation, growth, financial recovery and international respect from identification with the United States of America.

First off though, I admit that I have written little recently about President Obama.  Since the end of last year, when he managed to finesse a solution to the tax cut question (yes, he had to compromise by keeping the cuts in place for the wealthy in order to prevent higher taxes for the middle class.  This is a policy that is hard to swallow, but swallow it we will.  It probably will come back to haunt us very shortly.), get DADT repealed (followed up this month by an order to the Department of Justice to refrain from defending DOMA) and sign the START treaty, he has not needed my help!  Thank you very much, but he is doing just fine on his own.  Guided by his new, less showy, staff in the West Wing, he has honed his leadership skills.  Using his political experience and maturity, his ongoing analysis of the problems at hand, his sharpened focus and his patience with trying his best to get the answers right, he IS  getting done what needs to get done.  Above all, President Obama has vision backed up with an committment to better the American people.

I see no such leader on the Republican front.  I am just not feeling it.  I am also not reading, hearing or seeing any substantive efforts by the GOP to address the problems we face today that will affect our tomorrow.  In November, the GOP regained the majority in the House and told America that a new day was coming once those representatives took their oaths of office.  Hello?  Where is that new day?  Led by the ever-tearful John Boehner, the new House has undertaken a bid to outlaw the new health care reform, to reinstate tighter restrictions on abortion and other reproductive rights, to undo the collective bargaining rights of our people and to fight tooth and nail to keep DOMA in place.  Where is their understanding and acknowledgement, exemplified by a real platform, of the exigencies of America today?  To endlessly cling to their mantra of free-market principles with little regulation does not help our situation.  Moreover, their political dedication to dated, medieval ideals always includes a restrictive basis on social policy.

Newt Gingrich is the epitome of lack of vision, focus and follow-through.  One day he announces that he is establishing an exploratory committee for the 2012 election and the next day, even the next hour, he denies such a plan.  Gingrich is all bluster and not much substance.   Remember his Contract With America during the Clinton years?  He swept on to the scene as Speaker of the House with his grandiose plan, managed to shut down the government and when his short-lived fame had run its course, he was gone, off to turn his fame into real bucks.  Now he’s back, but still with no viable agenda for America other than bluster.  He has not been an effective leader and I see no indication that the situation has changed.

Most offensive however, is his recent re-dedication to faith as a last resort tactic to salvaging his presidential aspirations.  Be sure to read the link.  It is a great article.  Gingrich’s personal history is a mess, having been married three times.  His moral behavior during those marriages has been that of a bottom feeder.  For example, at the same time he led the troops to impeach President Clinton for his sexual forays in the White House, Gingrich was having an affair with his mistress (now Wife #3) while still married to Wife #2.  Now he asks us to elect him to the highest office in the land because his conversion to Catholicism has made him a new man.  Ugh.  To me, this rediscovery of religion is just another political ploy that exemplifies his lack of focus and his emphasis on the moment.  Religion is often used as a last ditch effort, a false means to recoup, get a clean slate and even ask for forgiveness and redemption, by public figures to erase all their corruption, hypocrisy and greedy ambition that often typified their lives so far.  Empty as a pocket.

Mike Huckabee is just as deceptive as is Gingrich.  Huckabee spoke this week and gave credence to the false belief that President Obama was raised in Kenya.  His aides later said that Huckabee misspoke, and meant to say Indonesia.  Liars.  Huckabee spoke of the Mau Mau movement in Kenya.  Certainly he knew that took place in Africa and not Indonesia.  This was an intentional slur on Huckabee’s part to give validity to those who will do everything to malign our President and oust him from office, including lying about his birthright and citizenship.  Despite Huckabee’s midwestern, unpresupposing, down-home demeanor, make no bones about it: this misstep was absolutely calculated and deliberate.  After all, in lieu of an agenda based on our country’s needs today, it is just so much easier to retake the helms of leadership by vicious, pernicious and false accusations.  Presidential material?  Empty as a pocket.

Finally, Mitt Romney is just not a contender.  He did a fantastic job running the 2002 winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.  Unfortunately, the Office of the President is not a comparable venue to the winter games.  Romney is also grasping at straws for a platform that just does not exit within the rank and file of the GOP.  This week, Romney criticized Obamacare when in fact, a large part of that legislation is based on the health reform plan Romney put into effect when he was Governor of Massachusetts.  Romney is just another Republican lightweight trying to find the easy way to the Presidency.  Empty as a pocket.

George Will has written a great piece on Gingrich and Huckabee.  Do read it here.  The outlandish and eccentric antics of Gingrich and Huckabee in making a run for the Presidency is frightening.  Are they just stupid, lazy and overly ambitious, or are their political behaviors representative of delusional disorders?  Here is an excerpt from Will’s article, specifically on these two “candidates” and generally on the emptiness of the GOP:

So the Republican winnowing process is far advanced. But the nominee may emerge much diminished by involvement in a process cluttered with careless, delusional, egomaniacal, spotlight-chasing candidates to whom the sensible American majority would never entrust a lemonade stand, much less nuclear weapons.

I cite this scary, negativity with relation to the 2012 elections as a cautionary tale.  The off-course, intentionally malevolent behaviors of the GOP’s supposed “mainstream” candidates can open the way for real trouble in our national politics.  Have you considered the more “outsider” candidates, such as the ticket of Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann?  Both of these women are contemplating a run in 2012.  One is crazier than the next.  Palin clings to the GOP’s age-old, tired and fall-back position that free markets, social conservatism and fundamental religion will solve America’s problems.  Bachmann takes that platform to even more ridiculous heights.  Both of them: empty as a pocket.

The danger is that a fringe candidate just might seize our Presidency.  When such political wannabes have financial success in the real world, coupled with an adoring public, they seem to jump to the next level of hedonism and narcissism and assume that there would be no one better than they to lead this country.  The voting public unfortunately, grabs on to the candidates coat strings as a pathetic means to imbuing themselves with some of the luster they believe these public figures embody.  These potential Presidential candidates  are as empty as a pocket, but their media access and financial success have, they believe, bestowed them with “diamonds on the soles of their shoes.”  Their desire for wealth has been supplanted by their desire for power.  This the real danger.

Whether the GOP presidential nominee might be Gingrich, Huckabee, Romney, Palin or Bachmann, we must be vigilant that none of them gets that chance based on using diamonds on the soles of their shoes, for themselves as well as the American electorate, as a cover-up for empty pockets.

American Folklore

October 2, 2010

The art of American delusion can now be considered a new form of our folklore.

Doesn’t any political figure have any pride or sense of self-respect left?  Is everything negotiable, especially when a buck is involved?  On my local news radio station, there has been a barrage of commercials, spoken by Rudy Giuliani, for motivational seminars given by himself and other public notables.  He says, “The price is only $9.95, and for that $9.95 your entire office can attend!”  Degradation and desperation has never been more apparent.  Isn’t Giuliani embarrassed to hawk these talks?  I am embarrassed to just hear these ads, and even more, would rather commit hari-kari than show up at one of these seminars:

Not only do Americans love to be snookered by a con, they also willingly become lambs led to the slaughter.  Our elevation of these crooks and fakers to notoriety and role-model status is a symptom of our deep malaise.  We desire nothing more than a quick fix, a windfall, to right us again.  We have no patience with hard work and measured thought that real solutions encompass.  What astounds me, in my incredible naivete,  is that our leaders take advantage of the passivity of their constituents instead of trying to protect them.  Thus, why is everyone so surprised at the less-than-stellar reception our President has received during his first eighteen months in office?  Here he is, plugging along trying to implement a long-term agenda that Americans want done yesterday.

Let these people talk, burn and crash.  They are capable of doing this all on their own.  The saddest fact though is that the electorate will still vote for them and follow them to the pyre.  Is the restrictive religious aspect of the conservatives representative of our founding principles?  No.  Is the economic strategy of tax cuts for the rich beneficial to the middle class?  No.  Is the concern for the here and now versus the long-term consideration worthy of correcting our path?  No.

Thank you John McCain for unleashing on America the new-fangled public persona of the Mama Grizzly, the one hell of a quitter public servant, the money-grubbing icon of American capitalism and the religious phony who falls back on her God when there is no other answer.   And now, Palin is being outdone by a worse eccentric, Christine O’Donnell.  Bill Maher has released yet another clip of his past conversations with O’Donnell:—-but-liked-meatballs-too-much.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+tpmelectioncentral+%28TPM+Election+Central%29

O’Donnell continues her pearls-of-wisdom confessional.  Is she being viewed as adorably honest?  How about hopelessly stupid?  She has clearly outpaced Sarah Palin in getting the people to identify with her down-home mien.  There isn’t much leadership value in a Palin or an O’Donnell, but hell, look at all the entertainment value.  The problem with this scenario is that these public players will be laughing all the way to the bank while the pathetic people, in their current support of these players, will eventually be crying in their tea cups.

With absolutely no intention of demeaning President Obama’s intellect, leadership skills, guts and correct interpretation of our shortfalls, I must admit that all these idiots in the political limelight are making him look like the statesman of the century.  However, the fact remains that the President’s numbers are not all that good.  To me, that says it all about our American electorate.

America has always had a plethora of snake oil salesmen.  Unfortunately, until the American public ceases to embrace them we still have a lot of crashing and burning to do.  Or we can just chalk up this nonsense to an adorable element of American folklore.

Balbatish: The Art of Decent Living

July 18, 2010

My mother had a yiddish word that she used only for very selective people.  The word is “balbatish” and it translates into the English adjective of meaning quiet, respected and well-mannered.  My mother would roll over in her grave if she could witness the continually shrinking pool of people who today, could be considered the balabatim.

We have politicians, national leaders no less, calling each other such derogatory names.  There are no limits to what political mouths will spout when it comes down to winning at the polls.  Both parties are guilty of this shame.  Perhaps Lesley Gore had it right:

The Republicans and Democrats alike should be sobbing in their soup for deserting the high road when it comes to personal and professional behavior.  Not only are these actions just downright base, but they prevent these public officials from doing the jobs they were hired to do.  The month of July holds a huge agenda for Congress.  But why should this month be different from any other month?  Congress took over a year to pass some semblance of financial reform.  Just last week, the Senate Judicial Committee put off the vote on Elena Kagan.  They said they needed another week to read all of the information on her.  Puh-leese: the GOP needed another week to pool their venom against President Obama, market it and apply it to Kagan’s nomination.

Have you noticed that when faced with major legislation, such as health care reform, financial stimulus package and new financial regulation, the GOP always says “We need more time”, as if delaying the vote would make people forget about our urgent need for the new laws?  This week the GOP made their hypocrisy as obvious as the nose on their face when they, in their supposed antipathy for budget deficits, took a hit.  It appears that the extension of unemployment benefits are poison for our deficit, yet the reduction/elimination of  the Bush tax cuts are not really important in reducing the deficit.  Furthermore, the cost of  unemployment benefits is just a fraction of the amount of the Bush tax cut cost.  Their agenda exists singularly to promote the rich.  The GOP, saddled with no real agenda, resorts to those historical principles that they have always embraced: advantages for the rich and no riches for the disadvantaged.  The Republicans are ideologically broke.  They got nothing.  As a result, they turn to mean language, using such terms as Nazi and Socialist, to personify their opponents.  They stoop to the lowest common denominator in their political repartee.

The Democrats are no better.  They have not supported their President because the believe that the new legislation does not go far enough.  Hey —- remember the citizens for whom you work?  Quit your dicking around and fulfill your job descriptions.  Our leaders of both parties show no signs of being balbatim.

Today in the New York Times, Frank Rich (Who would have thought that he was a Member of the Tribe?!) addresses this meanness of purpose by writing about the pathology of Mel Gibson.  The man is a bigot and a total mental case.  That said, his shenanigans of the last decade ultimately served a very good purpose: to shed light on the repulsiveness of those ideas, make Americans realize how offensive, divisive and ridiculous such ideas are and then finally, to spur us on to act differently.  Gibson’s film “The Passion of Christ”, along with his verbal outbursts against Jews and African-Americans, has shaken us to see just how senseless such beliefs and behavior are.  I find some solace in these off-balanced people’s recurrent tantrums.  Gibson is finished in his profession.

Sarah Palin is another example of using her strongly held, immoveable beliefs to hypocritically raise herself above others.  Her stance on teenage sexual abstinence, her contention that she is just a regular Mom and her steadfastness to family values is just a bunch of hooey.  Eventually, these hurtful, bigoted beliefs of Gibson and Palin came back around and bit them right in the ass.  Moreover, their verbal assaults on those that disagree with them only serve to drive home even deeper the foolishness and small-mindedness of their ways.  So ignorance and rash prejudice does have somewhat of a purpose.

In fact, one of the only persons who has exhibited a certain savoir faire, a definite flair for being balbatish, is Barack Obama.  First and foremost, he has a deep respect for himself.  Along with his huge intellectual capacity and his obvious dedication to his family (He actually sits down to dinner every night with his daughters and wife, unlike our Sarah who is gallivanting across the globe to keep herself garbed in designer fashions.  Actions speak so much louder than words.), he would never stoop as low as his GOP and Democratic rivals have to denounce an administration that currently holds power.  Some believe President Obama’s mien is elitist, too regal, even too emotionally removed.  They are wrong in their interpretation.  The President just has a very healthy dose of an accepted, admired and correct personal code of behavior, and he lives by that code.  He might not be able to reform Washington in all of its unbridled and proud dysfunction, but he sure as hell can set the example of what a leader should be and how he should comport himself.  This is called decorum.  This is called, in the vernacular, being a mensch.  Barack Obama is the picture of balbatish.

The Fall of the Economy and the Rise of Hatred

March 28, 2010

A few journalists have hit the nail right on the head when they attribute the rancor and violence over our new health care bill to much more than just an opposing opinion on this legislation.  A person need not go much deeper than the surface to witness the real cause of the anger: a deep-seated repulsion, a backlash, to minority members holding our highest offices.

Charles Blow and Frank Rich both writing for the New York Times, address the underlying rationale for our current rage:

Unfortunately, it does not take much to bring our bases instincts to the surface.  Historically, all it has taken is negative economic factors.  It’s always the economy, stupid.  When people lose their jobs and their lives take a nosedive that actually threatens their well-being, they naturally lash out at the government.  However, too often, they support rather negative political replacements in the hopes of rectifying their own situations.  A major part of these reactions is that the replacements typically focus on a specific group, usually it is a minority group, as the enemy who caused this economic havoc.  And the people fall for it, hook, line and sinker.

This is exactly what happened in Germany that enabled Hitler to come to power.  Germany was in dire financial straits.  Too many people were out of work.  The blame had to be directed at someone, and how convenient it was to place that onus at the feet of non-Aryans?  Furthermore, the fear and hatred generated was also a means for Hitler to amass and build his own power base.  Worse than Hitler’s motives and behavior though, was  the acceptance of his actions by the population.  So many Germans knew about the slaughter of the Jews, as did  international leaders.  For the sake of “peace” and “politeness”, they stood by and watched the murder and mayhem.  The goal of “not making a scene” was more important than saving innocent lives.

In our country today, we are witnessing a similar phenomenon.  Many people are unemployed and lash out at our government as the culprit who caused this mess.  Part and parcel of their retaliation is the need to attack people who formerly were deemed less-than-full citizens, i.e. minorities, women and gay people.  That tact seems to provide some release for the angry ones.

The Tea Party has come into being due to our hard economic factors.  But their not-so-subtle use of their underlying prejudices is what is fueling the fires of discontent:

This is our Tea Party.  Keep in mind that they justify government involvement in such benefits as Social Security and Medicare, just not in anything else that does not directly affect them.  Such conservative politicians who are allying themselves with the Tea Party are courting their own downfall.  For those Republicans to use the Tea Party for their own political aims is a losing, destructive policy.  Just as these prejudiced people have turned against all government, they too will turn against those Republicans who consider them their friends.  Just this morning some Tea Party activists voiced their venom at John McCain, blaming him for all that has transpired because he lost the Presidential election.  Can you believe that he is now using Sarah Palin, currently the honey of the Tea Party (this will end soon as well) in his desperate efforts to get reelected?  Didn’t he learn anything the first time around?

But I digress.  There is nothing productive or healing about this Tea Party.  Their goals are purely disruptive and include such ugly strategies as racial and sexual hatred.  We have yet to hear any positive fixes for what ails us from this party.  Their mission is to divide, not to unify.  Sure enough, their venom is causing their members to turn against even themselves.  In their escalating outrage, there are no limits to the destruction, and that encompasses even their own.

In a similar vein, I feel sorry for all of those Catholic children who were abused by their clergy.  Once again, as if those sins weren’t bad enough, the cover-up and refusal of the Church and its leadership never to have taken corrective steps to stop that abuse makes these abusive practices even more appalling.   Sin heaped upon ever greater sin.

We all need to heed the words of Edmund Burke:

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Doggone Absurd

February 21, 2010

A few absurdities have crossed my path this week.  Funny and ironic, but hypocritical and sad as well.  Too many times in my life I have seen females give credence to the thought “women are their own worst enemy”.

First, read about Sarah Palin’s grandson Tripp:

Tripp’s parents, Bristol and Levi, do not have a pot to pi** in, so the benefits offered Tripp by the state of Alaska make sense.  Of course, one might ask why Bristol and Levi do not have jobs to support their child.  Another topic for another day.  What does not compute is the G-Momma’s (our very own Sarah) condemnation of government assistance.  Even though our Sarah is in the money now, she has no obligation to purchase health insurance for her grandson.  It is her right, and so much more important for her to invest in designer clothes, super-hot shoes and other right-wing nuts sharing in her philosophy.  You know, her platform that government has no place in the lives of Americans and that Americans should take care of themselves.  Unless, of course, the entitlements are thrown so squarely in one’s face that they just cannot resist.  Platitudes meant to apply to the masses but not to the blessed few who can game the system is just absurd.

Then, all those female voters who say they love Palin because “she is just like us”.  Shame on those dames.  Palin might talk a good line that she is just a hockey mom looking out for her family, but her lifestyle belies that claim.  The Palin children are true orphans.  They fend for themselves, cook their own meals and the older children substitute for the missing parents in the raising of the younger children.  The worst offense is that Palin uses her children as fake political props.  So even though she talks a universal message of family and self-reliance, in no way, shape or form does she live by those rules.  In the process, she is walking all over women everywhere (not to mention her own little orphans).  Unbelievable and absurd.

Talking about the heights of ridiculousness and contemptible farce, how did you like the mistresses of Tiger crying and raging over his omission of an apology to them?  Some of these women hired lawyer-to-the-stars Gloria Allred to help out with the publicity and the blackmail.  It would seem to me, call me crazy, that these poor mistreated women need to apologize to Elin Woods and her children.  However, with their real intention being on catching a financial windfall from Tiger in the form of a payoff, these women-who betray-other-women will settle for an apology, which in turn will keep them in the public spotlight for another fifteen minutes which could lead to an even bigger payday.  Absurd.

Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State, voiced her opinion on women helping women —- honestly and truly.  She said: “There is a special place in hell for women who do not help one another.”  Let me advance that thought one step further.  There is an even hotter place in hell for those women who say they support their fellow females yet behave with more loyalty to their selves, whether it be for designer clothes, fame , mens’ wives, or money.  This place in hell is reserved for those women who not only do not help each other, but also for those who hurt or destroy other women ….  and their children.  They verbalize an admirable stance yet live their lives in a completely different and opposite manner.  Absurd.

Finally, an absurd video for you to watch that will send you off into the new week happy and laughing:


Wait.  Wait.  Look what I just found —- in French no less:


February 8, 2010

I am stuck in the house today, and probably for the next three days as well, and I just watched Jenny Sanford on The View.  The wife of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, Jenny was out hawking her new book.  She was very quick, obviously educated, and not playing “victim”.  Nevertheless, she was annoying as hell.

First off, she defended writing this book.  Saying that it wouldn’t affect her children any more than the recent events have, she said that her boys might have a little more mire to plod through as a result of this book, but that they could handle it.  Ugh.  My biggest gripe is that she came out with the line many maligned wives and mothers use to justify their exes: “Mark is a wonderful father”.  How wonderful a father could he really be if he screwed around on his wife and family?  This is one of the biggest misconceptions, and I have heard too many women claim it.  I believe Jenny and other women in her situation hold this belief in order to justify their selection of their good-for-nothing husbands in the first place.  They choose this tack to make themselves look better.  Their husbands are ruses, but so too, are the wives.  Double ugh.

Our Sarah is still the epitome of strong, good old American values —- but only when they benefit her.  She mouthed off that Rahm Emanuel should be fired for using the term “retard” but she thinks when Rush Limbaugh used the same derogatory word, it is perfectly okay because she titles his usage as “satire”.  When was the last time Limbaugh ever did a gig as a stand-up comedian?

Arianna Huffington is so on the money about Palin.  Our Sarah will twist and distort any issue, from foreign policy to media events to family issues in order to “brand” herself, i.e. rake in those dollars:

If Palin was honestly concerned about the American people, how could she propose yet a third war in response to being asked how President Obama could win a second term?  Is that what she would do if she were in the President’s shoes?  Start another war, this time with Iran, to bolster her own image in a surge of patriotism?  Palin is still the dumbass she always was.  No evolution there.

The only consolation I find is that, if Palin somehow gathers strength, political popularity and becomes a real threat to attaining the highest office in the land, Levi Johnston is holding back that one mind-blowing item that could ultimately take her down.  Hold on tight, Levi: we may all need that tidbit sooner or later.  Who would have ever thought that Levi Johnston could save a nation?

Frank Rich: The Best of the Worst

January 17, 2010

Please read Frank Rich’s Op-Ed in the New York Times today:

In this article, Rich says everything I have been trying to get across, albeit in a much more long-winded way.  These politicians, from both parties, are sorry excuses for human beings.  However, there still exists a difference between the overall ethos of the two major American political parties.

The Democrats, in all of their shenanigans, usually act with the underlying goal of bettering our country, i.e. health care reform.  The GOP on the other hand, has no such redeeming qualities, and their actions are motivated solely for the purpose of personal wealth.  Historically, this philosophical divide has been demonstrated time and time again by the enacted legislation:  the Dems passed Medicare and Medicaid, social security and were the force behind ending segregation.  The GOP enacted tax cut after tax cut, the Patriot Act, rescinded any modicum of financial regulation and most important, were always the “NO” factor is legislation having to do with a social and economic safety net for our citizens.  Republicans thrive on their belief that too much government is harmful and that, by leaving things alone, the economy and the welfare of our people will take care of  themselves.  Really what a Republican means is that if we leave well enough alone, he can reap all the profits for himself.  As for all the other Americans, they will just have to roll with the punches and be victims of  “letting the chips fall where they may.”

Rich’s term “buckraker” to describe these GOP personal worth hoarders, is perfect.  As he explains, look at that idiot Michael Steele and our own Sarah Palin.  Both public figures are in the game for their own enhancement. Period.  Furthermore, Rich makes the point that the Republicans have no qualms about abusing their own constituency, i.e. the tea parties, to bring even more lucre into their own pockets.  The GOP has no intention of “paying it forward”.

That is what is so ugly about this Harry Reid incident.  When Trent Lott made his racial comments by praising Strom Thurmond’s prejudiced stance on integration, they were said to promote negative, damaging effects, in support of nothing constructive.  Reid’s comments were uttered in support of candidate Obama.  That is the crux of Rich’s observations: while the GOP has a platform to tear down everything, the Dems try to bring to the table some legislation that will benefit our citizens.

Granted: both parties use ugly methods of operation.  Who would believe that the GOP is going after the middle class and blue collar workers for votes?  And which people who fall in those classes would actually believe that the GOP will deliver the safety net that they need?  Preposterous.  So even though the Dems have scoundrels like Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson, at least their equally preposterous actions had some redeeming values for the people they represent.  Despite these bi-partisan examples of bad behavior, the distinction, though small at this point, still exists between the two parties.

It is not pretty out there.  But we have what we have, and the Democrats are still worth fighting for.

Our Foxy Sarah

January 13, 2010

Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya’, America!  Just practicin’ my folksy Palinesque diction.  What a great country we live in, folks.  Sarah Palin is now a news consultant to FOX and her daughter Bristol has launched her own public relations firm.  Even while it is being reported that high schools across the country are lowering the standards for graduation so that more students can get their degree, the GED still looks to be the most prestigious and effective way to achieve career success.  While Bristol is the spokesperson for the Candies Foundation and speaks to the public on teenage sexual abstinence ( isn’t that something she really doesn’t know about?), some people believe that this formalization of her media relations firm was consumated just so she could get paid by the foundation.  Whatever.  How proud can we all be of little Bristol’s entrepreneurial powers at such a tender age?  What is in that water in Alaska?

Also, the same idea has been floated to explain our Sarah’s foray into network punditry, i.e. money to keep her hair, makeup and clothing needs fulfilled, not to mention the power of the media to keep one in the spotlight.  Sure beats learning about the issues and conducting sound commentary on policies just in case another run for public office is in the cards.  Our Sarah made her FOX debut on Bill O’Reilly’s show yesterday.  Have a peek:

She is still Alaska Barbie in all of her perky quirkiness, not to mention her intellectual emptiness.  O’Reilly is actually conducting both sides of the interview: he poses each question with a premise that provides our Sarah with the answer, allowing no chance for our Sarah to become creative (or original).  O’Reilly cites Nancy Pelosi as being “crazy”  and Palin quite  eagerly jumps on that bandwagon.  Could it be that FOX is already covering their media asses by preventing Palin from offering up her version of public policy?  Good move, since she has no idea what public policy is and obviously no time in her harried schedule, given the time-consuming activities of hair, makeup and attire, to address the nitty-gritty components of commentary and public office.  If she should run for elective office again, real knowledge will not be necessary.  All that will be required is media hype and a damn good-looking package.  She knows that and America knows that.

Her colloquialisms are just adorable.  How endearing is it when she uses the word “uncomfortableness” when the word “discomfort” is available for use?  Just so precious.  Cute as a button.

Our Sarah and FOX are using each other to attain their own needs.  It is  not distinguishable in this relationship just who is the manipulator and who is the manipulee.  In reality, this is simply a case of mutual masturbation.  As opposed to symbiosis, which is a positive process, the mutual dependency of Palin and FOX  is the epitome of parasitism, representative of the diseased state of media attention having precedence over real knowledge.  The danger is that America, all wrapped up in their adoration of public figures, especially elected officials, will give credence and thus, public office, to a person who “is just one of us.”  The absence of any intellectual foundation is a moot point.  America’s new, largest and most lucrative industry has become media exposure —- in and of itself.  Automobiles, steel, services and real industry have become a dying craft.  Instead, we are left with just the public attention void of any underlying basis for that attention.  Talk about bankruptcy.  The Salahis, Balloon Boy’s family and certainly Palin are all symptomatic of this trend toward this vacuous fame as a trade-off for intellectual discipline and a real work ethic.  So be careful America and remember, we usually get what we deserve.

A phrase my wise mother often used, when faced with a seemingly benign, ignorant person whom she nonetheless was suspicious of, is very meaningful here: “Dumb like a fox.”

Have a happy, smiley-face kind of day.  Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

Wood, Woody, Woods and Sarah

December 5, 2009

Yeah, I know.  It is way too easy to make mud of someone who has already taken the opportunity to do that to oneself.  Tiger Woods and Sarah Palin have such a fatal attraction to their own narcissistic selves, that it is a cake walk for others to follow in their lead.

Jesper Parnevik was correct today: he said that Elin Woods should have used a driver on Tiger instead of the three iron she chose.

It isn’t about Tiger.  It isn’t about the world’s best athlete, as if that was ever an acceptable excuse for unacceptable behavior.  It is about the vows he took as a husband and the tacit, singular commitment he made to decency, emotional security and providing a moral model when he became a father.  It is about the two children of Elin and Tiger.  Until he realizes that, all is lost.


Likewise, our Sarah is dedicated unto only herself.  Her family is used as props, to obtain all the material and narcissistic accoutrements of  American living.  Once she decided to use her children as the path to her own selfish fulfillment, she became “game” for the rest of us.  If that doesn’t spur on joke-makers, what does?

Working people frequently ask retired people:

What the hell did you do today?

Well, for example, the other day my wife and I went into town and went into a shop.

We were only in there for about 5 minutes.When we came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket.

We went up to him and said, ‘Come on man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?’

He ignored us and continued writing the ticket. I called him a Nazi turd. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having worn tires.

So my wife called him a shit-head. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more we abused him, the more tickets he wrote.

Personally, we didn’t care. We came into town by bus and the car had a Sarah Palin sticker on it. We try to have a little fun each day now that we’re retired. It’s important at our age.