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Capable Ability, a Paucity of Praise

April 14, 2009

President Obama successfully took care of the piracy off the coast of Somalia.  He was in close touch with the naval troops on the scene, and gave the command to take action when the time warranted it.  He trusted in the Navy SEALS’ abilities.  The American captain was safe.  This was not a huge event in the world of international affairs.  However, I wonder about the dearth of GOP praise in view of this happy ending versus what their outcry would have been if the captain had been killed.

Similarly in their mantra of “No”, the Republicans, namely Newt Gingrich, had harsh words in response to the Obamas getting their dog, and the resultant media frenzy over Bo:

If Gingrich thought the media attention was “stupid”, pray tell, what would you call HIS response?  Does the GOP need help, or what?  Paul Krugman of the New York Times seems to think that the Republicans are in dire straits:

The GOP, despite being in a corner already, are backing themselves through that corner.  One would think that if one has nothing to add to a situation, one should just be quiet.  Apparently, the Republicans have not yet learned that lesson and have inserted their feet into their mouths as an antidote to their party of nothingness.  Tsk, tsk.

Sometimes, it is better to admit that things are not as they first seemed, admit your mistakes, and move on.  In this episode of “Britain’s Got Talent”, the British version of American Idol, the three judges as well as the audience all got to eat crow:

So you better believe that when President Obama does something that any sane person would consider good, Yo Mama will sing his praises LOUD AND CLEAR.