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The Pecker Wars

April 15, 2009

Why is it that the weaker a man is, the harder and more abusive he may be on the woman in his life?  Time and time again, history has repeated itself when, especially in stressful, hard times, one group of people must have another group of people to lord over.  The abusers feel no worth, experience no self-fulfillment at their own accomplishments, unless it is accompanied by someone else being damaged.  This is true from governments on down to individual households.

So we have a similar situation today in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Afghan President Hamid Karzai, that sartorial wonder, signed legislation to make marital sexual relations mandatory any time the husband demands it.  Not surprisingly, he is feeling powerless lately due to his falling popularity ratings.  Additionally, there will be a national election in August and he hopes to win that.  So what else to do when feeling small, unimportant, stressed and overlooked?  You got it: come down hard on a group of people who you can tread on, namely women.  Furthermore, he has shrouded this act within religious significance, as if religion has not been contentious enough over the centuries, causing war after war after war.  Now we have an international leader who will hide behind his God to take away human rights of half of his population.  The religious majority has been satisfied, Karzai’s political impotency has been restored and his pecker power is in high gear.

Let us turn our attention now to that other enlightened nation, Pakistan.  The government this week succumbed to the wishes of the Taliban extremists in the Swat region by instituting Shariah law, Islamic law that gives zero rights to women.  President Asif Ali Zardari capitulated to that area’s demands as a means to overall peace.  Who are we kidding here?  Mr. Zardari must be feeling weak in his pecker lately for him to rationalize such backward, discriminatory and abusive actions towards the women in his country.  What is particularly appalling about Zardari’s move is that his wife, the assassinated Benazir Bhutto, would have never, ever, sacrificed her female population’s rights for a political liaison with the radical Islamists.  Irony aside, Zardari would not even be in office today if it were not for the legacy of his wife.  Once again, fearfulness and impotency is generating a destructive political path, targeting women, under the guise of religion, because they can.

In our own back yards I am astounded by the domestic and sexual abuse in this country.  When I see a blustery man accompanied by a passive mound of jello on his arm, a certain alert goes off in my head.  Of course, the only real mound of jello is in the husband’s pants.  The underlying pathology of abusive men not withstanding, there are more immediate triggers that set them off, such as a personal insult, financial problems or an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy.  Thus, these men compensate for their own shortcomings by physically lashing out at their women.  Such virile he-men, no?  To me, one measure of a good man is the confidence and backbone of the woman on his arm.  Strong woman, strong man.  That is the true reality.

It infuriates me to see people destroy other people, whether the excuse is gender related or not, just to make themselves look better.  The resultant “high” is only momentary for the abuser.  How deviant this behavior is.  Yet it is apparently acceptable on a nationwide, legislative basis.  Surely what we have seen in Afghanistan and Pakistan this week is institutional sexual abuse and violence.

Where is the world on this issue?  Are pecker problems of no consequence even if they cause damage and death to potentially half of the world’s population?  The men of this world could demonstrate real balls, true strength, if they cut out this widespread discrimination and destruction.  Until that time arrives, they need to look in the middle of their lower bodies for the why and wherefore of permitting this horror to continue.  Obviously their brains have been completely overrun by their male endowment (Thus, what part of their bodies do you really think act as their brains?)  The answer is right there, trust me.  Do you think the men of this world have the strength and sanity to end the Pecker Wars?  Let’s see if they own up to the title they so cherish: the stronger sex.

Surely, so far and without a doubt, by ignorantly reacting to such fear and impotency, they are the weaker sex.  There is no physical attribute, no justice, and certainly no God, that would allow one gender to condone and participate in the verbal abuse, rape or even murder against a member of the other gender.


As I was formulating this post in my head, I thought this would be a humorous post.  However, as I wrote it down, I became angrier and angrier.  This issue is not funny at all.  In fact, it is deadly serious.