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Younger Than Springtime

April 7, 2011

Holy Moly!!  The third egg in the Decorah, Iowa eagle nest has hatched (great video of the actual event)!  Wonderful news.  These two eagles will have their hands full but so far, they have been nothing short of stellar parents.  For the live webcam for this nest, click here.

Meanwhile, back at the Maine eagle’s nest, the father, as devoted as ever, continues his sitting.  The mother got spooked last week and only relieves the father for a few minutes at a time.  We will not know the status of these egg(s) until their hatch date at the end of this month.  This is a younger couple than the Iowa birds and they have not been as diligent or successful in rasing their young as have the eagles in Iowa.  Let’s keep everything crossed for them.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring and the renewal of life, I submit the following photos.

Maribel's forsythia shrubs, now over 20 years old.

As sunny as my Maribel is!

Yo Mama's daffies.

Enjoy your Spring.